With the Czech Republic beginning the careful rollback of its lockdown today a number of EU countries are watching closely including the UK where, so far, there are more than 130,000 active cases and more than 20,000 fatalities.  In an article from The Guardian, sources indicate that the British government is “under increasing pressure to lift parts of the UK’s lockdown and limit the damage to the economy,” adding that the UK “chancellor, Rishi Sunak, I understood to be studying the Czech Republic’s approach to lifting the tight restrictions it imposed earlier than most countries further west.” With only 7,404 active cases, more than 2,500 recovered cases and a considerably lower fatality rate than many EU countries (220 as ofRead more.

In these crazy times we’re living in, people have suddenly been forced to realize a number of things… from their significant other’s worst habits, to how often we touch our faces every day and how little we were washing our hands prior to the coronavirus takeover of our planet… and if you’re thinking of how dirty your hands are, have you thought about your phone? Sure, it’s a little safer now that, like you, it’s confined to your flat or home… but think back a few months.  Back in, say, January… you just plopped it down on restaurant tables, didn’t you? You touched random door handles (or the hand rails on the tram!) as you went about your day andRead more.

When Elon Musk first announced his entry into the automotive space, many people shrugged. Why would the tech billionaire want to get involved with a car company? Founded in July 2003 by engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, the venture, named as a tribute to famed inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, was started with seed money from Musk. In fact, up to 98% of the initial funding came from Musk who then served as Chairman of the Board with Eberhard serving as CEO. One year later, Musk joined the company along with two other investors who retroactively named themselves company founders and Musk took over the role of CEO. Musk told the media at that time that he viewedRead more.