Prague is known for its gorgeous tiny streets, magnificent castles and breathtaking views. However, as much as we might want it to be, not everything about Prague is purely positive. The popularity of the city among foreigners has led to some unpleasant issues such as pickpocketing, unfair services, fake currency changes, and others. What should you do to avoid those issues? Worry no more – we gathered things you should be wary of when in Prague to ensure you have a pleasant and safe stay – or life here! 1. Exchange Places The first place to avoid in Prague are unfair exchange companies situated all over the city. If you’ve been living in Prague for a while, you know thatRead more.

The Czech Health Ministry has today announced that they are re-instating a number of meaures related to the spread of the Coronavirus in the Czech Republic.  Despite these reintroduced rules, they have also stated that they assess the current epidemiological situation in the country as “stable.”  Based on the current available data, the government announced that masks will once again be required at any event with over 100 attendees – this includes both public and private events like weddings and funerals. This precaution goes into effect as of tomorrow (25.07). Oddly, non-organized events in which over 100 people are present – in a bar, for example – are not subject to the mask requirement.  Additionally, the maximum number of peopleRead more.

Prague Police have arrested the man accused of cutting numerous women’s hair while they used public transport in the city.  According to police spokeswoman Hana Křížová, the 41 year-old man (whose identity is not being released due to Czech privacy law) was taken into custody aboard a bus on Budějovická Street in Prague 4. At the time of his arrest he was found with both scissors and the hair of several victims in his pockets. Once in custody, and under questioning, the man confessed to some 25 individual incidents in which he would approach women on trams or buses, snip their hair with a pair of scissors, and then run away. In his home, investigators found more evidence (see imageRead more.