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Yes, you read that headline right: Prague’s newest sushi bistro is serving up exclusively vegan sushi, in sandwich form.

Despite Prague’s plentiful offerings, vegetarian sushi is often limited to the usual carrot/avocado/cucumber fare even at the Czech capital’s better sushi bars (though the veggie sushi options at YAMI Sushi Bistro are excellent).

And onigirazu, the popular sandwich-like rice balls that were introduced in a 90’s manga series and are now incredibly popular as a fast food snack in Japan (they were tapped as 2015’s top dish by the Gurunavi Research Institute) have yet to make it to the golden city.

But Prague’s newest bistro is changing all that in a hearbeat.

Aptly named Onigirazu, the restaurant is currently in a soft-open phase at a small storefront on Prague 7’s busy Milady Horákové street.

But during 11:00 – 15:00 lunchtime hours at the moment, you can get your fill of vegan sushi sandwich deliciousness.

What is onigirazu? Imagine any kind of sandwich you can, and just replace the bread with rice. Wrap the whole thing in a sheet of seaweed to keep it together, and you’ve got yourself a sushi sandwich.

At Prague’s Onigirazu, current offerings include sushi sandwiches like baked tempeh, carrot & spinach with a coriander-sesame dressing (65 crowns) and mango & basil with a sriracha-coconut dressing (60 crowns). A more traditional miso soup (35 crowns) is also on the current menu.

If you can’t make it to Onigirazu during weekday lunch hours, keep an eye on their official Facebook page for updates on when the bistro will fully open.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

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Daniel Lee