The Mussel Week Festival shakes up the gastronomic arena of Prague with its mouthwatering program and delicious discounts. Several restaurants participate in the event, offering visitors the unique opportunity to experience the taste of mussels and save some money for other French specialties. 

The event will run for a week starting on September 26, 2022. Let the degustation begin! 

Mussel Week Festival: everything you need to know

Mussel Week is an event that unites the gastronomic arena of Prague restaurants, cafés, and bistros. It is a booming festival running every year at the end of September, allowing visitors to take a leap into the unknown and dive into the adventures of French cuisine degustation. 

Most venues specialize in preparing mussels in a traditional and extraordinary way. 

You decide your taste for today: a pot of mussels cooked in white wine with a shallot on the side or a pot of mussels with blue cheese. Don’t forget to order some baguettes, as the sauce from every mussel pot will make you go crazy!


Depending on the budget, you can choose different categories of venues. Check out the luxury option if you want to be posh and chic. You can find famous places such as La Bottega, Kogo Havelská, Červený Jelen, Zdenek’s Oyster Bar, and others. 

The price for the portion of legendary mussels varies from 350Kč to 900Kč. Make sure to reserve the table in advance, as some venues already have 99% capacity. You can do it here with just a couple of clicks.

The other type of restaurant participating in the fest is the bistro. Go there to save money and get an aesthetic experience and a hipster vibe. In this category, you can find such places as Bistro Kampa, Na břehu Rhôny Maltézské, Seafood Vinohradská (na místě nebo sebou?), and others. 

The proposed price for the bistro category is set to be from 250 Kč to 390Kč per portion. You do not have to reserve a table there, but we strongly advise you to do so. Better to be safe than sorry. 

Value for money, the category proposed by Mussel Week itself, is another option you can consider when visiting the venues. If you want to try the sumptuous cuisine in game mode – you should go here! The venues in this category are diverse – Cafe Le Parisien, Les Moules, Arthur’s Pub, and others. 

The portion price should vary from 240 Kč up to 390 Kč. Bon Appetite! 

You can find the list of venues on the official website here

What’s the deal? 

The central proposition of the event is that you order two portions and pay only for one. 

Classic ‘1+1’ offer that you could not resist this time. 

All you need to do is choose the restaurant (yes, this is the most challenging part), fill out the online form, and receive the voucher. All instructions can be found on the festival’s official website-click here for the English version.  

Enjoy mussels this week, and pretend you’re a true Michelin critic! 

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