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In futuristic movies like Snowpiercer, which was shot at Barrandov Studios in Prague, the last remnants of mankind subsist on food made from ground-up insects, high in protein and easy to farm.

But now, you don’t have to wait for the apocalypse to get your hands on mass-market insect-based products in Prague.

From May 1, at 374 Penny Supermarkets across the Czech Republic you can buy bread made from refined cricket flour, produced by the Czech company Sens, which also sells protein bars and other inset-based products.

The cricket-based bread contains 10% cricket flour, the equivalent of 198 crickets per package. It’s now available at all Penny locations for 49 crowns per package. The product contains more fiber and and protein than most traditional breads.

Those looking to try something new and not afraid to consume a large quantity of insect parts in their food might want to give the new bread a shot (note that a small amount of insect parts are legally tolerated in most mass-produced food).

Others might want to be a little more careful when choosing a bread at Penny.

“Crickets and insects are the food of the future,” Sens co-founder Radek Hušek recently said in a press release, as reported by Retailek.

“Bread made with crickets is significantly more nutritious and more dense. We believe that our customers will like it and we will continue to succeed in breaking the stigma that insects should not be eaten.”

To grow their product, Sens founders Hušek and Daniel Vach have created what has been called the world’s largest cricket farm in Thailand. By the end of the year, they plan to ship 3.5 tons of crickets to Europe each month, which is not only used in their own products but also sold to other manufacturers.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee

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