Are you new to Prague and want to try out some typical Czech dishes? Of course you do, but first you have to learn what your choices are. Many of the local dishes involve meat and potatoes — a basic staple. But here are a few well-known dishes that you can probably find in any Czech restaurant and should be on the look-out for:

  1. Goulash

If you haven’t yet tried goulash, what are you waiting for? Goulash is like a beef-stew but a hundred times better. It’s mixed in with a very dark and rich sauce with chunks of beef that will melt in your mouth. It’s often cooked in with onions and a lot of spices. On the side, it’s likely that you’ll find 4 or 5 dumplings which you can use to clean your plate and absorb all that goulash with. This is the number one must-try Czech food that you’ll keep coming back for.

  1. Schnitzel with Potato Salad

Now this is one of those classic meat and potato dishes, but it’s a pretty good one. Feeling hungry? Order this and it’s guaranteed to hit the spot and fill you right up. What I like about it is that it’s not something too unfamiliar. It’s like fried chicken or a deep fried chicken cutlet. If you’re ever missing some familiar dishes, I feel like this is one of those to bring you a little closer to home in a way. This dish always offers many variation on their “potatoes” though. You can get them as potato salad, as mashed potatoes, as whole boiled potatoes or even in the form of french fries. Either way, the potato will be there.

  1. Smazeny Syr and Tarter Sauce

For those who are not such a big fan of meat and potatoes, this one is for you. “Smazeny” means fried and “syr” means cheese. So what is this dish? You got it — fried cheese. It usually is accompanied with tarter sauce. This is something pretty tasty especially if you’ve ever had fried mozzarella sticks. You can think of this as one big mozzarella stick. Is your mouth watering yet? This is always the vegetarian go-to dish that is offered at all Czech restaurants. Give it a try!