Spending your Christmas in the Czech Republic? Would you like to eat typical Czech Christmas dish as well? Today, we are going to learn how to make a typical Czech Christmas dinner. Some Czechs don’t like carp so they would prefer to make a fried schnitzel instead, either chicken or pork. So lets go make your own Czech Christmas dinner!

What do you need?

– Carp fillets (chicken or pork steak)

– Flour (use the one that is called Hladká mouka)

– Eggs (raw for the schnitzel and 1 boiled egg for the salad)

– Breadcrumbs

– Pickles

– Onion (lightly boiled or steamed)

– Potatoes (whole boiled and peeled potatoes)

– Carrots

– Peas, corn (not necessary)

– Mayo (you can also use half mayo and half Greek yoghurt)

– Mustard

– Salt and pepper

Make your own potato salad first so you can cool it a bit before eating, as this is the right way to eat it. We do it like that usually at home. We would boil the potatoes evening before we make the salad, so boil whole unpeeled potatoes as well as eggs. Day later you will peel the potatoes and cut them into slices. Make them a bit thicker and then cut them into small cubes. In my family, we prefer small cubes but some people might prefer bigger cubes instead. When you have the potatoes done, do the same with your eggs. Unpeel them and cut them the same way into sliced and into cubes as well. Put everything into a big bowl. Continue with carrots. Boil them lightly and cut them into the same pieces as you did with eggs and potatoes before. Still not have enough of cutting? Of course, because you have to cut pickles into small cubes smaller than eggs or potatoes. Put them into the bowl too. Cut onion into small pieces and put it into small bowl. Boil some water in the kettle and pour it over the onion for a while. It will help the onion not to be that strong and sharp as the raw one. If you don’t mind a bit stronger taste so you don’t have to do it and you can skip this part. Put the onion pieces into the bowl with eggs, potatoes, carrots and pickles. You are almost there!

If you’d like, you can also put some boiled peas or corn. Mix all the vegetables well and put in mayo, mustard, salt and pepper. For a lighter version, use half mayo and half of Greek yoghurt. Taste in between so you know if the salad needs more mayo or salt. Mix well but carefully, as you don’t want to mash the potatoes. If you have time, cool it during the night but if not, cool it for few hours at least. Half done, right? The second part is also not that hard, I swear! It is not hard to make the fried carp or the schnitzel.

Use three plates or bowls (up to what you prefer). Into the first plate/bowl put a bit of flour (you can find three types of flour in my country. Use the one that is called Hladká mouka), crash the eggs and put them into the second plate/bowl and fill the last plate/bowl with breadcrumbs. This part is the same for both carp fillets or schnitzel. The fun part starts right now. Children love this messy part. Put your chicken/pork steak or a carp fillet into the flour and cover it well. Just make sure there is not too much, but also make certain there is enough to cover the whole carp fillet/steak. Next step: the egg mixture. The carp fillet or the chicken/pork schnitzel should be put into eggs and covered in it and immediately put into the breadcrumbs. Make sure that the carp or the schnitzel is covered well in the breadcrumbs. In between, pour enough oil to the pan and heat it enough for frying. When is your carp or schnitzel ready (covered in breadcrumbs), fry it on the pan until it is golden brown. Serve it with your cold potato salad and enjoy your own Czech Christmas meal!

Markéta Hudečková

Markéta Hudečková

I'm a Czech girl who lived in Prague for a long time while working as a Legal Assistant. One day, I have decided to change it so I'm trying to travel as much as I can while writing the stories on my way. I'm a blogger, copywriter, photographer and I also consider myself as a traveler.
Markéta Hudečková