Bramborák, known as a “potato pancake,” is a portion of comfort food for most people residing in the Czech Republic. Made from freshly grated potatoes in a mixture with an egg, bramborák wins the hearts of everyone who tries it for the first time or a million times. 

Dive into the potato-savvy article about bramborák and learn why everyone is obsessed with it!

The Mystery of the Name

In the Czech language, the famous potato pancake is called bramborák. So, what does it mean for us, as English speakers? 

Let’s get everything in order and get some Czech skills on the table. Bramborák originates from the noun bamboo, which simply means potato. The suffix ak is just a magical stricture that “indicates the referent is characterized by or relating to the base noun.” 

In other words, bramborák can be translated into potato-related things, which makes sense. Calling it a potato pancake would be too complicated, right? 

Bramborák recipe

It is no secret that bramborák is a traditional Czech dish, the recipe for which has been passed down from generation to generation. That is why its recipe has multiple variations, depending on the family’s taste and their love for potatoes. 

In most traditional recipes, a potato pancake has four ingredients. The first and most vital ingredient is freshly grated potatoes, which you grew up in the garden during the summer. It is the basis of the dish, so make sure you have enough of that. Then, you obviously need to add some eggs—they play a vital role in keeping the dough together. Similar to the cement on the road. 

The third ingredient is where the roads go in different directions. Some people prefer to add breadcrumbs to make pancakes more crispy, with reference to the well-known Wiener Schnitzel. Others add flour to make it more similar to pancakes—soft and warming. The legend says that some people prefer to add breadcrumbs and flour simultaneously—for the ultimate experience. 

Lastly, people add some fresh seasoning to give the dish a great taste. Usually, it is salt, black pepper, garlic, and marjoram. We have to agree that marjoram is genuinely the ‘secret sauce’ of bramborák, as you do not taste it in other cultures. 

Where to eat it? 

Undoubtedly, you can try cooking it yourself—indulge in the Czech culture firsthand. You might run into problems with too much flour or too few potatoes—it ruins the magic formula. Ensure you follow the recipe instructions step-by-step to achieve the best results possible. 

The other solution to tasting the “true” bramborák is to go to some market or food festival around Prague. Add some delicious ham or chopped bacon on top—make it greasy and fatty, and go crazy. It should not cost more than 50 Kč for a portion of potato pancake. Note: bramboráks are the same size as your plate-so choose your toppings wisely. 

Enjoy the bramborák. It is too hard to resist it! 

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