A while ago, we covered some of the weirdest beer flavors out there. But, quite frankly, there are many more extra-unique beers for you to check out. From extra sweet to extra sour, let’s explore them together!

A Peanut Butter and Biscuit Stout

Via 7 borthers

Coming in first for this week’s list of unconventional brews from around the world is this dark stout hailing from Manchester. Said to be a combination of one of the co-owner’s favorite snacks, the 7 Brothers brewery combined the salty peanut butter flavor with the crumbling sugary texture of a Jaffa Cake, a popular chocolate glazed biscuit usually paired with coffee or tea. At 7% alcohol, this creamy brew is a sweet but deadly dessert beer that proves to be the least outlandish on this list.

The Pizza Brew

The beer - named Show Me The Honey - was developed by the SEVEN BRO7HERS brewing team to replicate the taste of pizza (Photo: Chicago Town)
Via Chicago Town

A collaboration between a large-scale brewery and the craft brewery mentioned above, comes a cheesy-and-salty mixture of a Pizza Beer, delivering everything your local Pizza Hut can offer but in liquid form (a dream come true… right?). This pale ale replicates some of your favorite pizza parts, including the freshly baked crust by using the local yeast of their very own pizza restaurant, the pepperoni toppings through a simmering of their hops, and that lovely, smokey glaze of BBQ sauce through a malt syrup added at the end. This fresh pairing is perfect for those who may enjoy a salty afternoon delight during a lazy Sunday, or want to indulge their pizza obsession even more by washing down each bite with even more flavors. Either way, I think I would avoid adding extra chili flakes to this version of a pizza.

The Chocolate Lobster Porter

If Pizza is less your style, take a walk with me down the boardwalk for a more Caribbean-style indulgence. DogFish Brewery’s Chocolate Lobster Porter has one of the weirdest arrays of ingredients I’ve ever seen in a beer. Not often can you find a single brew boasting live, boiled lobsters – chocolate powder – and basil tea all used to make the same concoction. The water used to boil the lobsters is the same converted to the wort, thus capitalizing off of the salty, fishy smell of their shell. What’s the end result? A brown brew that’s likely to remind you of standing at a Marina fishing dock, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, and your grandma’s herb garden all at once.

The Belgian Jolly Rancher

filled juice cup

While this Belgian Lambic may come last on our list, it is the first to not be intentionally unorthodox. It’s just a really, really sweet beer. Lambic beers are unique in that they are fermented with wild yeast – no bottom or top fermentation here – and their result is usually sour, as a lot of different bacteria can be found inside (especially if it’s unpasteurized). This particularly hazy brew is a light, 3.5% beer that already has fruity tones from simmered hops. What makes it into a candy-like flavor is the added apple juice at the end, mixing a defined fruity flavor with the sour to give off a green-apple taste. While sweet enough that it won’t be your preferred drink of choice during the night, it definitely is enjoyable one beer at a time.

Here you have it: some of the weirdest beer flavors you can try out. We hope you enjoy them for all that they are!

Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila