The Mussel Week Festival shakes up the gastronomic arena of Prague with its mouthwatering program and delicious discounts. Several restaurants participate in the event, offering visitors the unique opportunity to experience the taste of mussels and save some money for other French specialties.  The event will run for a week starting on September 26, 2022. Let the degustation begin!  Mussel Week Festival: everything you need to know Mussel Week is an event that unites the gastronomic arena of Prague restaurants, cafés, and bistros. It is a booming festival running every year at the end of September, allowing visitors to take a leap into the unknown and dive into the adventures of French cuisine degustation.  Most venues specialize in preparing musselsRead more.

Bramborák, known as a “potato pancake,” is a portion of comfort food for most people residing in the Czech Republic. Made from freshly grated potatoes in a mixture with an egg, bramborák wins the hearts of everyone who tries it for the first time or a million times.  Dive into the potato-savvy article about bramborák and learn why everyone is obsessed with it! The Mystery of the Name In the Czech language, the famous potato pancake is called bramborák. So, what does it mean for us, as English speakers?  Let’s get everything in order and get some Czech skills on the table. Bramborák originates from the noun bamboo, which simply means potato. The suffix ak is just a magical stricture that “indicates the referent isRead more.

East coast, West coast, or Third Coast? Pizza lovers and foodies are enjoying Prague’s newest gastro offering originating from the city of Detroit, Michigan.  Two American expats are bringing a fresh yet traditional item to Prague’s blossoming food industry.  Under the name Third Coast Pizza, Richard Hawes and Ross VanSlambrouck have started dishing out Detroit style Pizzas using a pop-up operation around the city of Prague. Third Coast Pizza started as a passion project during the early stages of the pandemic to make Detroit style pizzas for friends and has now grown into a foodie endeavor with demand that has been hard to meet.  “When we first started our intention was simply to bring a different style of pizza withRead more.