East coast, West coast, or Third Coast? Pizza lovers and foodies are enjoying Prague’s newest gastro offering originating from the city of Detroit, Michigan.  Two American expats are bringing a fresh yet traditional item to Prague’s blossoming food industry.  Under the name Third Coast Pizza, Richard Hawes and Ross VanSlambrouck have started dishing out Detroit style Pizzas using a pop-up operation around the city of Prague. Third Coast Pizza started as a passion project during the early stages of the pandemic to make Detroit style pizzas for friends and has now grown into a foodie endeavor with demand that has been hard to meet.  “When we first started our intention was simply to bring a different style of pizza withRead more.

Sunday brunches are the must-have activity on the weekend agenda. It does not matter if you wish to spend it with your friends, lovers, or family. In any sequence of events, bottomless brunches bring happiness not only to your mind but to your mental health as well. What could be better than avo toast with a mimosa on the side?  This week, we rediscovered the Letná area, and here are some places worth a visit on Sunday morning!  Cobra  At first glance, it seems to be a trendy bar, attracting many artistic people around Prague. It is a stylish bar with a selection of authentic cocktails at night and a cafe with beautiful lunches during the day. This place becomesRead more.

Trdlo, the Christmas pastry full of the delightful taste of cinnamon, sugar, and crusty walnuts, is finally back in the town! You can find it on various Christmas markets or so-called Winter Farm’s Markets, around the beautiful and magical city of Prague. Enjoy it while it’s hot for a better after-taste of the real-life paradise in your mouth.  To distinguish how Czechs make from nothing the perfection of the Christmas pastries, we decided to dig deeper and discover the history of Trdlo. Tune in & prepare your mouth for the experience.  Trdelník origins  Interestingly, the origin of trdelník has a mix of Czech and Slovak cultures. That is no surprise as they were one country not so long ago. BackRead more.