There are hundreds of variations of Czech pastries, and sometimes it is hard to choose which one to try this time. In fact, some pastries are better to eat at breakfast, others at dinner. That is why we created our list with the best sweets that you can find in the Czech Republic.  Koláče One of the Czech secret gems you can find in any grocery store, shopping mall, or even bakery. Its name has an interesting origin – it comes from the word ‘kola’ that can be translated to the ‘wheel.’ Even though its size can be compared to the size of the average cookie. The reason for this name was simple – it has a round shape. InRead more.

 In Prague, there are an extensive variety of cafés, bakeries, and coffee bars that offer their products to the citizens of the metropolis. Sometimes, it is hard to choose where to have a coffee break with your friends or buy some pastries for the snack break. Discover the best places to enjoy freshly roasted coffee and tasty pastries that are available for takeaway!  Artic bakehouse Located in the heart of Prague, near Újezd tram station, the bakery shop is open for visitors every day from 7 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Founders of the place believe in the high-quality and freshness of the products, and it is reflected in their assortment. The primary specialty of the site is sourdough bread andRead more.


A while ago, we covered some of the weirdest beer flavors out there. But, quite frankly, there are many more extra-unique beers for you to check out. From extra sweet to extra sour, let’s explore them together! A Peanut Butter and Biscuit Stout Coming in first for this week’s list of unconventional brews from around the world is this dark stout hailing from Manchester. Said to be a combination of one of the co-owner’s favorite snacks, the 7 Brothers brewery combined the salty peanut butter flavor with the crumbling sugary texture of a Jaffa Cake, a popular chocolate glazed biscuit usually paired with coffee or tea. At 7% alcohol, this creamy brew is a sweet but deadly dessert beer thatRead more.