19th January

(Virtual Seminar) The Brothers Grimm: living a fairy tale? Presented by the National Library of Scotland and starting at 18:00 CET. Tickets are FREE.

Have you wondered where classic tales came from, such as Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty? Long before the Disney crew grabbed a hold of the folktale genre, German authors now commonly referred to as “Brothers Grimm” documented these traditional tales that they heard around them. Thanks to them, we have the classic cinema pieces that we grew up on. But how did they go about collecting what would end up being over 200 never-before-read stories? And how have they been preserved until today? Join this seminar with an expert book archivist from the National Library of Scotland to learn all about the brothers you’ve most likely never heard of!

(Virtual Tour) A Culinary Tour of Israel led by National Geographic Europe. Starts at 20:00 CET. Tickets are FREE.

With an award-winning panel of expert travel writers and chefs, this virtual tour hosted by National Geographic will take you diving into the traditional and modern varieties of Israeli cuisine. Learn about where to find the best hidden gems in Tel Aviv, how Israel has become a world capital for vegetarian food, and what kind of spices go into making some of their most iconic dishes. This is perfect for foodies, mediterenean cuisine lovers, and those who appreciate transformative meals!

20th January

(Virtual Instruction) Workout Classes hosted by Sweaty Betty. Starts at 18:00 GMT, tickets are FREE.

It’s time to get your sweat on during this free Workout Class by Sweaty Betty. Join this Wednesday for their home-workout “Energising Yoga Flow” meant to make you achy, sore, and sweat your way to a rewarding day. If you enjoy this live 45 minutes instruction, they’ll be hosting free sessions once a week until the end of January – so take advantage of this while you still can,

21st January

(Virtual Seminar) 500 Years of Artist Raphael presented by the National Arts Club. Starts at 19:0 CET and tickets are FREE.

Our last cultural exploit of the week comes from the National Arts Club, who are hosting an overview in honor of the 500th year anniversary of the death of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino. The Renaissance painter and architect (among other things) brought forward masterpieces such as Resurrection of Christ and School of Athens. His novel technique of perspective painting combined with a smooth flow to his works. Some of his works can be seen in the Vatican, and today he is still revered for being a prodigy of his time among the artistic scene. Learn about his life, his impact, and his works from an art connoisseur for free this Thursday!

(Virtual Interview) The 46th president: A conversation with Joe Biden biographer Evan Osnos presented by The Guardian Live. Starts at 20:00 CET and tickets start at 6 pounds.

The time has come – as the world has abated its breath in anticipation for the United State’s transfer of power from President Trump to President-elect Biden, more chaos has erupted then ever in anticipation for inauguration day. From mob-invasions at the capitol to an unprecedented 2nd impeachment of President Trump, now more than ever people are wondering: how will things change under President Biden? Here to discuss Joe Biden’s 40+ year political career is his presidential biographer Evan Osnos. From his time in Delaware, to the death of his first wife and child, to his first 2 failed presidential attempts, Osnos will be digging into what it might look like once Biden assumes office on inauguration day this Wednesday. Tune into this Guardian interview at 20:00 CET this Thursday!

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