December 28th:

(Virtual Seminar) Making A Home For Houseplants by SocietyX starting at 12:oopm EST

Have you succumbed yet to the botanical craze of quarantine? Unsure how to manage your exotic array of young palm trees around your desk, or your potted daffodils just don’t seem to be fitting in with your funk shui? Don’t wait to figure out how to organize your green collection, and let them give life to your apartment the best way they can with this free seminar. Learn the benefits of effective home-gardening as well as what to look out for when balancing aesthetic with usefulness when buying plants for your home.

December 31st:

(Virtual Celebration) New Year Eve.RyWhere hosted by Co-reality Collective starting at 10:00am CET.

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be isolating this year – in fact, you can be better connected than ever with those around the world during this NYE party that covers every timezone on the planet! From Nepal to the Island of Samoa, experience celebrations when midnight hits each of the 34 time zones across the planet. Hop in to celebrate CET, or earlier to join the parties starting earlier, at this free showcase of celebration, music, and talent.

January 1st:

(Virtual Celebration) Snoop Dog’s NYE Celebration hosted by Little Cinema starting at 5:00am CET.

If you’re interested in tuning into a spectacle boasting a star-studded entourage, few could host something more intense than Snoop Dog. This event is sponsored by his talent show “The  Go-Big Show” and will include several talent showcases (like sword-swallowing) and special guest appearances. Whether you’re a fan of the show, or just down to tune into a grade-a party stream the day after New Years, this will surely have something for everyone.

(Virtual Lesson): Drawing and Writing the New Year presented by The Secret City starting 7:00pm CET.

As we leave 2020 behind this week, many are embracing their deeper emotions to contemplate on who they’ll be entering into the new year as. Unlike recent years, this NYE will be bringing a close to 365 days which brought such chaotic events, there have been almost no-one across the world who didn’t feel the effect. From Australian wildfires, to COVID-19, to murder hornets (yes, this all happened in 2020) you might feel like a little extra inner-peace is required to start the new year off right. If so, you can join this free drawing and writing workshop meant to connect our inner aspirations with our creative side, all while embracing the new horizon in front of us.

January 3rd:

(Virtual Tour) Live Tour of  Jerusalem and Bethlehem starting at 19:30. Tickets start at $22.

Who needs to ski – where in the mountains you freeze down to the bone, feel the wind hurdle needle-like stinging against your ears, and only get a few minutes of pleasure from hours of work getting up the slope – when you can travel the world from your home? Like this bargain live tour of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, there are plenty of remedies for the glum mood you might be experiencing as skiing is essentially canceled across Europe. And an educational and entertaining exploration of places 1,000s of years old may just be one of them.

(Virtual Instruction) An introduction to essential Tai Chi skills instructed by Quality of Life Now.

Akin to the drawing, embrace the new year with a little more zen with this Tai Chi class, This introduction can be the starting point for a series of dedicated classes on learning this meditative art at home, and which can always be taken outside with other people or by yourself as the weather improves! Gain lifelong skills and learn from an experienced teacher on the benefits and procedures of Tai Chi.

Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila