Here is a list of all events in Prague for this week. Learn about the fun things you can do in Prague this week!

*All events are in-person and free unless otherwise specified.

December 14th:

(Film LiveStream) Havel film screening hosted by Cinema Dlabačov Live. Tickets starting at 100kc. Film in Czech.

With impending restrictions surely coming into effect this week, we’re finding our list of events this week to be dominated once again by engaging and safe virtual events. Starting with the acclaimed Czech biographical film Havel, cinema Dlabačov is trying their hardest to bring the theatre into your home. With strict start times, perfect video quality, and time before and after to watch trailers and see BTS of the film, you can support your local cinema while also enjoying the 2020 biopic of Vaclav Havel. From playwright to politician, get an indepth look of his transformation into a political legend.

December 17th:

Pop-up Dinner Experience at Jidlo Bavi in Prague 13. Cost is 380kc.

While drinking in the christmas markets may be cancelled, you can still take this week to have a truly mesmerizing (and healthy) eating experience. Bavi has long been providing healthy, sustainable food for delivery, pick up, and even at your local office cafeteria. You can catch a truly delicious vegetarian meal of Asian persuasion (3-course), accompanied with drinks and live music.

December 19th:

Farmers Market at Victory Square.

One of Prague’s largest farmer markets is back, and taking advantage of their history to put on a market that offers exactly what you want despite the restrictions. Czech farmers and growers will be featured as always, with enough variety for you to finish your shopping for the week in just one day. It’s also family friendly, with a children’s corner to keep your kids entertained!

December 20th:

(Virtual Seminar) The 3rd wave of PsychoTherapy hosted by the Weekend University. Tickets starting at 26 pounds.

This lineup of premier doctors and psycho-therapists are presenting to show you exactly how to keep your brain in check. Even while things may be especially challenging for you this holiday season, psychology presents a thought-process for keeping your emotions under control and thus your mental health, well, healthy. By exploring ideas in academia, they’re offering certification of attendance that shows your interest in breaking-free from patterns of unhealthy patterns of behavior.

December 20th:

(Virtual Tour) Notorious RBG: Showcase of the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg live streamed by Washington DC History & Culture.

The late American Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bager Ginsburg usurped the judicial system and political pariah to become a cultural and social icon. Following her recent passing, the non-profit  History & Culture in Washington D.C. is offering free, live tours through memorabilia and items from her life while exploring her rise into the most powerful legal court in the country. Let the director of History & Culture lead the tour and offer an engaging look into this remarkable woman’s life.

Daily until January:

(Virtual Concert) Live Czech-Quartet performance by the ZEMLINSKY QUARTET. Tickets are 99kc.

Since the start of December (and the holiday season) the Zemlinsky quartet have been offering virtual shows of live classical music performances. From the municipal library, they consort with a variety of instruments including the viola, cello, and clarinet. You can continue to catch a performance any day until the end of the month!

Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila