Prague Castle is celebrating the arrival of spring and the end of coronavirus restrictions by inviting visitors worldwide to take a free tour of their grounds. Don’t miss this unique opportunity and save the date: Saturday, May 14, 2022. 

What to expect from the opening day at Prague Castle?

Prague Castle is not only the largest castle globally; it is a vast complex of historical and cultural attractions. On its premises, you can find St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Place, St. George’s Basilica, Rozmberk Palace, Golden Lane, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and a museum devoted to the story of Prague Castle. 

One day is definitely not enough time to see all the beauty of the complex and perceive its royalty. We cannot argue with that! Perhaps, on your last visit, you wished to stop by Golden Lane or Old Royal Palace, but you were restrained by time. Now, it is your opportunity to refresh your memory and enjoy Prague Castle again! 

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Visitors will also be able to see hidden gems of the complex, which are usually used for political events or other important meetings and ceremonies. For instance, you can see new undiscovered areas of the New Palace, including Matthias Gate, Plečnik’s Column Hall, Rothmayer’s and Spanish Hall, and the Rudolf’s Gallery. On top of that, there will be a guided tour which will give a quick overview of the Throne Room, Habsburg Salon, and Mirror Room—the spaces where the President of the Czech Republic greets his guests and officials.  

Opening ceremony

This is the seventh time Castle representatives have run this kind of open and transparent event. After not being able to do it during the coronavirus pandemic, May 14 is a unique date in the hearts of open day organizers. The opening ceremony will be accompanied by a classical music concert and later enriched with performances by brass bands, Castle Guard Music, and even a special event from the Police of the Czech Republic. 

The rumor says that the opening of the summer tourist season will take place under the auspices of the President of the Republic, Miloš Zeman. Let’s judge on Saturday if it was breaking news or fake information from today’s society’s gossip girl.

Royal Garden: transformation

Thanks to its historical inspirations and well-known actors, the Royal Garden’s appearance underwent a couple of changes. Hence, the major musé for transformation was the great and magnificent Charles IV, the father of the Czech Republic referred to by some locals. The garden will feature falconry demonstrations, including horses and hunting dogs, and temporary tents, focusing on the hunting aspect and how it was an essential part of life. 

Guided tours will be possible for a couple of tents only, so take advantage of them. Art historians are genuinely the ones who know history the best. 

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Furthermore, there will be presentations of period clothing, various weapons for different purposes, and the life of society in the 14th century. As a vivid example, you can perceive roughly forty actors in the periodic costumes, with all that style and luxury. If you close your eyes or are an excellent dreamer and illusionist, some people say you can feel the authentic Bridgerton vibe (if you know what I mean!) 

To experience the vibe of the 14th century to the fullest, organizers are planning on presenting organic food. Agriculture activities were the only way to get fresh veggies and fruit in the Middle Ages, right? Around 15 stalls will offer fresh domestic products that won the Regional Food Quality Label. 

An exclusive event at Prague Castle

The cherry on top will be the exclusive event, which premieres on Saturday. It is a newly installed panel exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Jožef Plečnik. 

He was an extraordinary individual, a Slovenian architect who contributed to the Prague Castle reconstructions during the 20th century. Visitors can judge his vision of the castle in the Teresian Wing of the Old Royal Palace. 

Indulge in the Czech culture and enjoy sunny days in Prague!

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