Střelecký Ostrov is the headliner of rascal parties and memorable events in Prague. Located in the heart of the Vltavá river, it offers a picturesque view of the cityscape, a green zone where you can hide from the heat, refreshing drinks, and Czech-savvy food.  Whether it is a food festival, techno party or private celebration – Střelecký Ostrov has everything you need in one spot. No wonder the Wine Festival is running here as well!  Pour in the flow of refreshing wine on Friday and Saturday at Střelecký Ostrov.  Vína z celého světa: event recap Vína z celého světa is a perfect event for wine lovers and enthusiasts. If we were to translate the name from the Czech language, weRead more.

The week of refreshing prosecco festivals premiered in Prague to ease the heating wave we have all been struggling with for the last few days. A stream of ice-cold Italian prosecco with sweet and sour aromas can be found in various locations throughout the city center. As bougy and chic lovers, we dug into the prosecco fests and found our favorite gems of the week of June 6-13. Let’s get it rolling! What’s prosecco?  To get started, let’s define the most crucial term of the day: prosecco. As we were discovering different variations in terminology, we decided to focus on how Italians describe prosecco, emphasizing culture, history, and traditions. Long story short, prosecco is a sparkling white wine originating from Veneto, the region inRead more.


In Bohemian brewing, the shining star moments that distinguish the Czech Republic as a global trendsetter in beer were born during a time not so long ago. The 19th century introduced new brewing techniques, refined tools, and the light lager. These combined to give us the products that built the Czech pride of beer that exists today. And for brewers and consumers alike, entering the 20th century seemed to be as promising as for a reader flipping the page to an exciting new chapter. Except, the story waiting on the other side doesn’t consist of a Fairytale, but rather a grim twist belonging to Game of Thrones that would plummet the heartline of brewing over the next 100 years onRead more.