The Portu Gallery runs a pop-up exhibition featuring icons of contemporary art, including Toyen, Warhol, Mucha, Kupka, and other creative individuals. Visitors can enjoy good wine, guided tours, and a special surprise at the end—tickets to iMucha. 

The installation will happen next Thursday, September 22, 2022, at the Hauch Gallery. It will be only a one-day event, so mark it on your calendar! 

Art Icons: What is it all about? 

The Portu Gallery gathered the unique masterpieces of modern art in one place. In the exhibition, you can see the phenomenal works of Czech artists and foreign ones. For instance, Alfons Much and František Kupka will represent the contemporary art of the Czech Republic. In contrast, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein will be on the ‘global modern art’ team. 

‘This combines paintings the investment gallery (Portu Gallery) will offer this autumn with already signed works. Paintings and prints with a total value of CZK 11.85 million will be exhibited for a single day at Hauch Gallery,’ shared Martin Jaroš, Director of Portu Gallery. 

Perhaps, you could be the next investor who collects extravagant pieces of art. What a dream job, right? 

Portu Gallery and Investments: what’s the deal here? 

Let’s break the ice here and speak up about the investment gallery. In particular, what the hell is this, and how did such a cool concept appear in the Czech Republic? 

‘Portu Gallery is the first online investment gallery in the Czech Republic that makes the collectibles market accessible to everyone,’ said Portu Gallery on its official website. In other words, it is an online space where you can invest in various options – vintage cars, art, or luxury items like cars or watches. 

This is not the first time Portu Gallery has run this investment round. Last year, the gallery featured Art Icons with works by Uldrych, Holcová, Lady, and Šima. On top of that, there was a potential investment opportunity in different items: Nash-Healey roadster, Volvo P 1800 S, and the fabulous Porsche 911 Club Sport, as well as the Porsche 356 Speedster. 

Exhibition insights

Everyone can come and enjoy the pop-art exhibition and learn more about the featured works. In particular, there will be guided tours every hour where visitors will be enlightened with history and amusing facts about the paintings and prints. Unfortunately, the tour is planned to run only in the Czech language, which could be an excellent opportunity for you to bring your Czech skills to the next level.

Apart from guided tours, guests will be offered plenty of delightful options. One of them is the complimentary wine distributed by the winemakers from the heart of Europe—whether it is a burčak or Italian one, we love the idea of it. Another surprise would be the raffle of themed prizes. For example, visitors could win Polaroid cameras, art-themed books, and even tickets to the iMucha exhibition.

Exhibited works: take it while it’s hot

One lot is a set of twelve black prints Shooting, created by Toyen. It is valued at CZK 1,425,000 without insurance or issue manager remuneration.

Toyen’s works are pretty famous in the Czech Republic and their history. In 2021, for instance, there was the action of his renowned Circus (1925) for the amount of CZK 65 million. 

 ‘He is the most unappreciated Czech painter after František Kupka,’ mentions the Portu Gallery. 

Another exhibition slot is Portfolio of Mucha’s Lithographic Sheets – Documents Decoratives. This position is set to be at CZK 1,430,000. 

It includes seventy-two plates from 1902, created in Mucha’s iconic style, Art Nouveau.

Warhol’s portrait of Liza Minelli could not go unnoticed by art collectors. The print ranks as one of the most significant works by Warhol that revealed his potential in graphic design. 

It is estimated to be worth CZK 2,280,000. 

Other works presented in the exhibition can be found on the gallery’s official website. Click here!

Getting to Hauch Gallery

Hauch Gallery is the event’s official host, located in the Karlín district of Prague. Getting here is super easy-tram, metro, car share, lime scooter-you choose your fighter. 

If you prefer to travel by metro, take a ride to Florenc. The benefit is that it’s an intersection line so you can take both the red and yellow lines. Fabulous!

For tram lovers, there are also plenty of opportunities. Hop on the tram (3,5,8,24, or 25) and get off at Karlínské náměstí. The tram will stop right in front of the gallery. It’s so convenient!

Enjoy contemporary art with good wine and a pinch of the investment world. 

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