The National Gallery of Prague revealed its recent exhibition devoted to the post-media age and the role of photography in it. In particular, the installation is based on the ‘divination from a night sky partially obscured by clouds.’ Pretty abstractive and artistic. What else can we say! 

The exhibition will run all summer, full of happiness, unforgettable memories, and cotton-candy sunsets. The last day of the performances will be September 19, 2022, so use your time wisely. 

Background information

The notion of photography, especially the contemporary one, has become one of the recent tendencies people enjoy following. Similar to other art mediums, it depicts modern art’s identity with the help of artists and their vision of our society. Perhaps they are the beauty in things you take for granted, such as clouds and things that may resemble them. 

Undoubtedly, with the greatest invention of the Internet and the appearance of social media networks, many artists experienced hardships in their passion for photography. It seemed that most people became photography enthusiasts, and there was no need for this medium anymore. 

Yet, artistic photography and vision of the modern world through the lens of a creative guru are not the same as the selfies or shots on Instagram. 

Divination from a Night Sky Partially Obscured by Clouds

Photography is a static art, and we have to agree with that. Nothing is moving, breathing, jumping, or running. It is the moment – here and now. It is the moment though which you should live. 

‘The multiplicity, manipulability, and ubiquity of digital image provide almost limitless possibilities, almost limitless possibilities, and the oscillation between representation and participation, the authentic and the posthuman, the moving and the static, and other interfaces raise a range of topics and retrospective reflections on the medium,’ organizers of the exhibition described in the meticulous detail the notion of photography and how they see it. 

The exhibition focuses on various approaches, existing in photography for quite a time. For instance, you will be able to perceive the turn to materiality and organic forms, the tactile and sensory aspects, the singularity of the world, abstract the forms and accentuate the medium’s social and physiological functions. Such a wide variety, we do not even know where to start! 

Some approaches are, of course, meant metaphorically. You cannot imagine expanding the universe in the real world… unless you are Elon Musk with his mission of discovering Mars and residing there for the rest of his life. 

The exhibition has a sense of post-media photography, full of surprising imaginations, bright ideas, and breathtaking concepts. 

‘We catch a glimpse of cosmetic objects created the recent past or decades ago, observable from ever-new angles,’ concluded curators of the installation. 

Where is it? 

The installation will run at the Dům fotografie, located in our beloved Prague city center. In particular, at Revoluční 1006/5, near famous drinking Dlouhá street. So, come and enjoy the exhibition from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00. Please note that on Thursday the gallery will close earlier, at 18.00. 

The easiest way ti get here is to take tram to Dlouhá třída station (trams 1,2, 6,8,15,17, 26) or take a subway ytellow/B line) to Náměstí Republiky.


The admission fee is more than affordable. For adults, the ticket will cost 150 Kč. The reduced option of the tickets is available for students, the elderly,  and the holders of the special cards. For them, the entrance would cost just 60 Kč. 

Enjoy the exhibition!

Sofia Chesnokova

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