Pálenkafest is not the average festival in Prague featuring the local gastronomy and beverages industry. Pálenkafest goes beyond it by representing the culture and spirit of the Czech Republic with the help of pálenka.

The festival will run all day on October 8, 2022, and will be your reason to get the taste of the Czech Republic and day drink without any excuses. 

What’s pálenka? 

Pálenka is the common word for “spirits.” In Eastern European culture, pálenka is usually associated with distillate or a noble spirit. In most cases, it is a spirit created “by distilling fermented mash, which is prepared from crush fruits or another part of plants.”

In other words, pálenka is a homemade spirit with various fruits, or, as we may say, it is vodka with a fruity flavor. Its aroma comes from fruits, creating an addiction and passion, like an elixir in the Middle Ages. 

Pálenka in the Czech Republic

Making pálenka is one of the traditions of Czech households passed from one generation to another. The end-product was not only the family’s pride but also an integral element of every dinner party. 

Throughout the ages, the notion of distilling pálenka at home became illegal due to prudent measures. The alcohol contains 36-50% of spirit, and one wrong step in your distillation process can be fatal. Yet, there is no criminal offense for producing pálenka at home (most households still do it). 

It is legal unless the police catch it, isn’t it?

Pálenkafest: all you need to know

Pálenkafest gathers professional distillers all over the Czech Republic and enthusiasts who adore quality drinks. No need to worry about the ‘deathly’ drinks as all professionals have the special license and equipment to produce the spirits. Otherwise, they would be unable to present their hard and fruity work to people here! 

In the event, you can find more than 31 distillers, 2 bars, a food zone, DJs, and countless other spirits. For instance, you will be able to find Czech Whiskey, more than thirty types of gins, various fruity liquors, and the secret weapon of all blackouts – absinth. 

The distiller controllers will supervise all the tastings to ensure a pleasant experience. On top of that, you can enjoy and perceive the notions of the market with presentations, talks, and discussions.

The entire program is available on the official website of the event. Read more here!


There will be a particular currency at the festival – like in some magical kingdom. The rumor says that one banknote would equal 50 Kč, aka the price for one shot. 

The ticket price includes a tasting glass, stall map, notepad, and pencil (take that notes from the presentation of innovations in the spirit market). 

You can also buy tickets on GoOut – press the link here

Getting to ​​Pálenkafest

​​Pálenkafest will be at Pražská tržnice, located in the area of Prague 7. The most convenient way to get there is by tram and metro. 

Take the C-line metro to Vltavská and enjoy a little stroll next to the shore of Vltavá. For tram lovers, you can take tram number 6 or 25 to Maniny. We advise you to double-check the tram service due to the reconstructions in the area. 

Na zdraví! 

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