Cinco de Mayo, the authentic Mexican celebration, full of colorful costumes, folk dances, and mouth-watering food, will take place in Výstaviště, the epicentrum for cultural and social activities.  Save the date! The event will run on May 5, 2022, from 19.00. It is a must-go for all lovers of tacos, burritos, margaritas, and, undoubtedly, reggaeton.  What is Cinco de Mayo?  The holiday of Cinco de Mayo has a unique yet straightforward and minimalistic meaning. If we were about to translate ‘Cinco de Mayo’ from the Spanish language, we would receive the result as ‘Fifth May,’ which is just a date on the calendar. Beyond that, Cinco de Mayo is a dedicated Mexican holiday to the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. Mexicans defeated the French intervention in 1862,Read more.

Azyl 78 made an epic comeback as spring weather knocks on the door with a fresh breath of freedom. The open theatre tent prepared a wonderful and unexpected performance program, being an overnight success last summer.  What is Azyl 78? Azyl 78 is not only the theatre tent, it is something more significant for artists from Jatka 78. Precisely, it is a place that unites close-minded individuals on a cultural and mental level.  “The idea of having our own chapitó came about due to the planned reconstruction of the stone theatre in the Prahie Market Hall (Pražská tržnice). Thanks to it, we have the freedom to take the functioning philosophy of Jatek 78 virtually anywhere at any time, ” confessesRead more.

The classical concert Games comes back to Rudolfinum, the heart of Prague musicians, with a brand-new musical performance of computer and electronic melodies. It will take place this Saturday (30.04) at 19.30, the perfect end to the busy month of April! Quick overview of Games Vol. 3 It is not the first time that the Games will be held in Rudolfinum. Indeed, this is the third time musicians and art enthusiasts have presented their new vision of games and electronics to residents and visitors to the burgeoning Czech capital. The last time, the concert took place last June, which was a phenomenal success. The tickets were sold out in under one hour! It was a breath of fresh air forRead more.