One of the oldest churches situated in the heart of Prague, Prague Castle, is dedicated to the patron saint of Saint George. The basilica survived all the challenges and hardships of war, plague, flood, and other natural disasters and remained magnificent and astonishing for visitors.  St. George Basilica’s story dates back to 920, more than a thousand years ago when Vratislaus I of Bohemia established it. However, it was built as the second church at the Prague Castle; the only one to remain. Initially, it was pretty small; that is why it was enlarged and reconstructed in 973 with the addition of the Benedectine St. George’s Abbey.  There is a Gothic chapel in the church complex, which is devoted toRead more.

The tendency of quizzes, contests, and quests is gaining popularity around the globe. Such activities and arcades are a great reason to meet your friends or gather with your co-workers to spend time together. Discover Murder Mystery Dinner, the quest which is located in Prague and worth a try.  The Murder Mystery Dinner is an event that combines two sides of the game – you can have a delicious dinner while solving the murder with your friends. The ultimate goal of the game to be an investigator, like Sherlock Holmes, and solve the murder – ask as many questions as possible to get the answers to the primary question. Each player will have some particular roles and tasks that theyRead more.

‘Renting a car anywhere at any time’ is the motto of Anytime Carsharing, the leader in the newly developing industry. Thanks to the incredible speed of infrastructure technology, we can use new services to ease our lives. Discover which cars you can rent and which companies offer such opportunities during your stay in Prague.  Anytime Carsharing is the perfect option to get from point A to point B in a short time The main requirements to use the carsharing service are the age of 18 years old and a driver’s license. It is crucial to consider that your driver’s license of category B has been valid for 6 months and that it was issued in the European Union, USA, Canada, Switzerland,Read more.