Open Storage of the Art of Asia, the exhibition devoted to the cultural heritage of Asia and its glorious history, opens its doors to visitors at Trade Fair Palace. The installation presents more than 600 artworks from Asian provinces displayed in three-dimensional space. 

The Trade Fair Palace plans to display Asian sculptures and artworks till January 8, 2023. So, mark this date in the calendar to enjoy the exhibition during autumn or the prolonged Christmas break. 

Installation background 

Asian sculptures and artworks have a long history with Prague, especially different outlets of the National Gallery in Prague (NGP). Initially, all artifacts from Open Storage of the Art of Asia were located in the Kinský palace. There, they lived quite a colorful life, like the characters in the Night at the Museum movie, where all the exhibition items come to life at night. 

Yet, it was time to say goodbye to the walls of their temporary residence and find a new adventure. That is how the exhibition moved to the southern wing of the Trade Palace, where it is presented in the notion of open storage, known as Schaudepot. 

Schaudepot: What is this? 

Schaudepot’s origins come from the German language in the artistic and cultural sense. In particular, “The Vitra Schaudepot” could be translated into English as “Exhibiting warehouse,” as reported by Riccardo Bianchini from Inexihibit. 

The concept of Schaudepot originated in Weil am Rhein, a small town in Germany located close to Basel, Switzerland. In Weil am Rhein, Vitra, a furniture company with Swiss origins, presented its furniture collection in an open house. 

Everyone was welcome to see the pieces of exclusive objects from all sides, in all three dimensions. People appreciated the artistic concept, and as word spread through cultural outlets, many museums and other creative entities incorporated it into their operations.

Back to Prague 

At Open Storage of the Art of Asia, visitors will have a marvelous opportunity to see several artworks in three-dimensional view thanks to the Schaudepot concept.

“An exhibition format optimizes the number of artworks accessible for immediate study by displaying them in glass showcases that allow a three-dimensional view. The open storage makes more than 600 artworks of Asian provenance from the NGP available for viewing,” highlighted representatives of the exhibition. 

Asian artworks and sculptures have a long life behind their shoulders. Some of them originate from the archaic period. Others are relatively new as they come from the 20th century and are the exhibition’s primary focus. 

Open Storage of the Art of Asia: thematic influence

Since the installation exhibits artifacts from various historical periods, NGP curators decided to divide them into “thematic groups,” making it easier for visitors to comprehend the art. 

“The first present ideological systems—the philosophy and religion of Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Hinduism—define Asian cultures and the art of China, Tibet, India, and Southeast Asia. The other group highlights the characteristic features of Asian arts and crafts and shows works by material, techniques, and decoration, ” explained the exhibition curators. 

Only 600 artworks and sculptures were to be presented at the exhibition. In the collection, there are approximately 13,000 items. However, they are not displayed in the open storage area due to the sensitive materials.


Admission tickets can be bought online or at the venue. The price does not differ, so do it as you like. Generally, admission for adults is around 160 Kč. Students and children can get special discounts or even get in for free.

You can learn more on the official website of the gallery. Click here.

Getting to the Trade Palace

Public transport is the most convenient way to get to the gallery. Catch the tram (6,17) to Veletržní palác. It will stop just in front of the gallery.

Since there is an ongoing reconstruction, more trams are going through this route. Just check Google Maps or PID when going to Veletržní palác station. 

Enjoy the exhibition! 

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