I once heard a musician say: “If you break it once, It’s broke! But if you break it twice?… It’s jazz.” What with the umpteenth new musical genre crowding for space on retailer’s shelves, It is Nu-Jazz that has defined itself as one of the leading musical styles with this decade almost half over. Imagine a groove, well tempo’d and flowing. Now add a lead solo devoid of pattern or repetition. A horn or guitar just riffing along to tell a story of musicianship long lost with the advent of electronica. How electronic and jazz first met is a long story, but safe to say this latest breed of artists have invigorated an over-saturated and bland dance music scene withRead more.

The best cafés, sweet shops or the best hot chocolate in and around town during Prague’s busy if rather rainy season by the author of Prague Superguide (Míra Valeš, with photographs courtesy of Nikolas Tušl, Mark Prethero, Barbora Součková, and Míra Valeš) Windy autumn in Prague is upon us. And it asks for a cozy spot or a café, warm drink and a cake. Pronto! So here are few of my personal favourites and the reason why these are in opinion extra “hygge” and why you should perhaps try them, too. Kavárna, co hledá jméno A collective of young socially conscious entrepreneurs got together in Prague’s Smichov to open this supercute café in the old beaten yard. If there is aRead more.