Monday: 02/11

(Live Virtual Seminar) “Medieval Hygiene” presented by the University of York.

Antibiotics – LED Lights – Bacteria. These three things all had the same thing in common during the 1500s. In that they had either not been invented or discovered yet. The Medieval times in Europe boasted a primitive yet ingenious time of medical marvel, where no experiments were left off the table in the name of science and saving a life. Yes, even if it cost a life too. Check out this seminar to learn about just how clean people were hundreds of years ago, and learn why the more religious tended to be generally the more filthy.

Tuesday: 03/11

(Live Virtual Conference) Energy Summit 2020 hosted by The Spectator.

What does it take to bring a nation into a level of green-mindedness where they’re not actively killing our planet? This Summit will be tackling this very question for Britain in a world struck by a pandemic, and seek after the newest technologies needed in order to do more than recover – but aid – and stricken world.

Wednesday: 04/11

(Live News Coverage) US Election Analysis hosted by The Guardian. Tickets are £5.83 – £16.28.

Like the beginning of a shark attack, the rumbling strings of a cello signal the ever-closing fate of a nation. Attend this live analysis of the post-election world of the US from a British perspective, looking at the results and see what this means as a beacon to democracies around the world.

(Live Virtual Seminar) “Pandemic Recovery, the SDGs and the Law” hosted by the University of Cambridge.

In this relevant seminar hosted by the University of Cambridge, Professors and experts alike will be tackling the ever-intertwined problems afflicting the world right now. How can we continue to raise money economically while also being sustainable? Can the money being spent by world economies tackling the coronavirus be used in part to push the world in a profitable and safe direction? Learn what brilliant contemporary minds are thinking of at this 2-hour seminar.

Thursday: 05/11

(Virtual Screening) “Diaries from the Field” presented by Doctors without Borders.

The distinguished non-profit organization Doctors without Borders is known for sending medical to some of the most ravaged third-world nations needing help today. In an effort to fight against carelessness provoked by dehumanizing these crises around the world, they’re presenting an exclusive showing of the Head Doctor of an emergency response team in Southern Bangladesh, revealing his thoughts while dealing with immediate challenges in providing humanitarian relief.

(Live Virtual Interview) “A Conversation with Christopher Nolan” presented by The Guardian. Tickets are £6.88 – £29.87

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-BATMAN! Known for his dark take on the DarkNight Trilogy starring Christian Bale, his trippy dream-within-a-dream film Inception, and his most recent mind-bender Tenet. Film Director Christopher Nolan has impressed and elevated millions into a new realm of cinema. This exclusive interview will dive into a autobiographical book exploring Nolan’s methodology and behind-the-scenes of his creative provess. The interview will be conducted by author Tom Shone.

Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila