26/10: Monday

Online Seminar: The EU Health Summit 2020 presented by the European Union’s Health Coalition.

This annual conference hellbent on taking action for a healthier European Union is unfettered by the constraints of COVID-19 in dreaming up a plan to improve everyones’ lives. In the past, they’ve had their recommendations implemented across EU nations, and this time discussion surrounding concrete policy changes is at the top of this list. Catch the EU’s Health Coalition, composed of healthcare leaders, patient organizations and research societies, hosting this pressing discussion online at 13:30 today.

26-29/10: Monday – Thursday

Online Conference: Sustainable Development Goals presented by The United Nations.

This massive conference is bringing together the brightest academic minds across North America to discuss making change in education and business. With programmes hosted by Bard College, Rutgers University, Washington University, and many more, they’ll be tackling issues concerning student wellbeing, turning policy into action, and how pushing ecological awareness into the business sector will save the planet. Take a look at their programme for this 3-day event at the link above to see what panel discussion you won’t want to miss!

27/10: Tuesday

Online Seminar: Does Donald Trump deserve a Second Term? Presented by The Spectator, tickets between £5.66 – £16.14.

The time has come. Blue vs. Red. The Donkey vs. the Elephant. The American election can’t come fast enough as their citizens – and those outside the heft American border – tire from the endless news cycle covering both political parties’ leading candidates. While plenty of programming exists online with exhaustive predictions over the results, this unique seminar will contemplate the merit of one specific candidate: Donald Trump’s first term. See how his performance so far ranks with what he plans to do if given another term as America’s president at this discussion hosted by leading British pundits.

29/10: Thursday

Virtual Tour: Explore National Parks of Canada presented by CSUN Adventures.

If you’re tired of listening to people cram educational information into your ears, then here’s an easy escape from the confines of lockdown with a trip across the Atlantic. This guided virtual tour of the great Canadian landscape offers commentary while exploring the gorgeous natural terrain of North America.

Online Conference: YouthSpeak Forum Austria presented by AIESEC Austria.

Alright – the final event this week that seeks to enlighten and motivate is aimed for the younger generation. With over 300 participants, this multifaceted conference is tackling social entrepreneurship, renewable energy, and even storytelling with serious debates. Enjoy listening to multiple sides as they engage in workshops and keynotes speeches, looking to inspire the youth of our generation to pursue noble causes despite the bleak environment of the current pandemic.

Joey Petrila

Joey Petrila

As an American in Prague, I love beer history and finding good lakes to swim in during the summer.
Joey Petrila