With the current phase of COVID-19 restrictions coming to an end on March 21st, Czech officials will be discussing what’s in store for the country moving forward. 

According to health minister Jan Blatný, a few small things will be relaxed but the ban on movement between districts will probably remain in place.

“Most likely, we’ll consider relaxing some of the more stringent measures. In particular, there’s a possibility that we’ll give some lenience for leisure activities. I will definitely not recommend cancelling the measure that restricts the movement between individual districts.” 

Jan Hamáček, minister of the interior, echoed Blatný.

“It’s possible that we’ll allow movement within the district for the purpose of recreation.”

Czech authorities will also be buying more antigen tests following its decision to implement mandatory testing for all companies with more than 10 employees which begins on March 26.

As for schools, Blatný still doesn’t want to send kids back to the classroom until teachers are vaccinated and testing protocols for students are in place. It’s not clear yet what kind of system will be in place to test students at school.

Blatný has stated that he will lobby the Chamber of Deputies to extend the state of emergency which is scheduled to end on March 28th. Banning movement between districts is only possible under a state of emergency, meaning people in the Czech Republic will be stuck where they are again until further notice. 

Featured image via vlada.cz

Alex Richardson

Alex Richardson

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Alex is a writer and trader living in Prague. He likes economics, anthropology, and cactuses.
Alex Richardson