Maybe it’s because I’m an Aussie and INXS is an excellent celebration to Australian 80’s music, but I think the music video to their hit Never Tear Us Apart is a beautiful illustration of Prague.

I also think Michael Hutchence looks absolutely dreamy in the music video.

The song is amazing by itself, but so much of that music video captures how I see Prague and what I love about Prague. I love the shots of the banks of Vltava on Kampa, how the camera rolls down the street lamp posts, the magic of Prague in the evening, and how it captures some of the city’s most gorgeous viewing spots.

The music video was filmed in the winter of 1987 and captures both the air of the Prague I know now and the Prague in the last years of Soviet rule.

I remember when I first moved to Prague, crossing the Charles Bridge, one headphone is my ear listening to Never Tear Us Apart.

I also always wonder what Prague meant to INXS and what memories the members might have shared in Prague?

Does Near Tear Us Apart capture Prague to you?

Caroline Marcela

Caroline Marcela

From the east coast of Australia to Prague. Find me people watching and falling asleep on strangers on trams in the city. Or on instagram: @carolinemarcelaa
Caroline Marcela