While there are many apps for tourists wanting to navigate the city, you should be happy to know there are also special ones for those who call Prague home.

Whether you’re looking for help to feel safer, explore the surroundings or save money, this list has got you covered.


Via Mapy.cz

Sure, there’s always Google Maps, but Mapy offers several advantages if you’re a local. For example, Mapy gives an outdoor map option, which shows hiking routes, must-sees along the way, and plenty of suggestions if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure. The app can even show you the weather along the planned route and will record things like speed, distance traveled and elevation while you’re on the way. 


Via Zachranka.cz

The official app of the Medical Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, Zachranka is as simple as they come – and that’s the beauty of it. If you have an emergency, you simply activate the app, which then will call emergency services for you. The app pinpoints your GPS location and will connect you to mountain rescue if that’s where you are. Zachranka also offers a Locator option, which tells you where the closest medical help is located in case you can get there yourself. 


Via Praguer

Praguer was created by Integrační centrum Praha, a non-profit organization whose main focus is to help non-EU foreigners living in Prague. In its community center, ICP offers language classes, legal consultations, translations, and more. Through the app (available to all, EU or not), users have access to a hands-on guide to many day-to-day issues faced by expats. This includes contacts to government offices for anything immigration related, family support services and emergency situations. It also provides tips on where to go for language lessons, how to access healthcare, and how to contact non-profit organizations that offer free assistance to foreigners. 


Via Duolingo

Let’s face it, Czech is very hard to learn. And yes, it will take a lot more than an app to get even a basic grasp of the language. But knowing how to put a few words together or even how to pronounce them correctly is a good start. And Duolingo makes that both easy and fun.