If there’s one thing to be said about musician Guy Bennett is that the man has an enviable work ethic. His back catalogue of songs alone would make most singer/songwriters cry with envy. The bonus bit of jealousy comes from not only a prolific catalogue, but a collection of quality songs any one of which could make an album cut. Bennett’s latest album, The Tallest Man, is the result of hand-selecting the best of best, combining sounds of rock, blues, and soul music. Bennett’s musical education began as a child in Norwich with his father’s collection of blues magazines. “My dad loved old soul music, Stax records, and straight blues. I think of B.B. King as my initiation into bluesRead more.

The brick walls of Klub FAMU reverberate with a musician singing Sam Cooke’s “Bring it on home,” the dance floor is filled with couples rocking, swaying, and wearing huge smiles. It’s the first night of a 3-day blues dance workshop called Little Blues Sister, Volume III, to which I have a ticket, a deep love of blues music, and a total curiosity as to what “blues dancing” is all about. The moment I sit in the lounge overlooking the dance floor, a man in a jaunty cap says, “Hi! What’s your name? Are you a dancer?” Let me introduce you to my new friend, Woody, a Hungarian who traveled from the U.K. specifically for this workshop and who is aRead more.

Ian Kelosky

You can sum up Ian Kelosky’s music with one word: ambitious. From his time as singer/songwriter for seminal band Lo Dost, to producing albums for artists like Justin Lavash, Guy Bennett, Dan Reed, and Čechomor, you can’t venture into the Prague music scene without running head first into Kelosky’s work. I met with Kelosky in his private studio deep, deep down in the basement of a inconspicuous building in Nové Město. There is a bar, couches, microphones, amps, and two giant paintings of chubby naked ladies. The brain center of the whole operation is Kelosky’s work station. Two screens are lit up with editing programs and the heartbeat like display of tracks he’s currently working on. Beneath them is anRead more.