The Czech Republic has quite a few funny, entertaining, or even historically significant cartoons that might be of interest of you. Take a look at our list of the most famous Czech cartoons you should consider introducing your child to!


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One of the most popular Сzech cartoons is Krtek, The Little Mole. It was created by a talented Zdeněk Miler and premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 1957. The first episode was awarded two Golden Lions. The mole became a recognizable character not only in the Czech Republic but also around the globe. If you stroll around Prague, you might notice plenty of toys, games, and presents with sweet Krtek. The cartoon has almost no sound, which allows for a universal understanding of the story. Interestingly, Miller’s daughters voiced Krtek’s most famous phrase ‘Ahoj,’ which translates to ‘Hello.’

Pat & Mat

Pat Mat.jpg
By Patmat film s.r.o. via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Pat & Mat is another cartoon of Czech and Slovak origin. It was created for Czech Television by Marek Beneš and Lubomír Beneš in the 1970s. The cartoon was censored during the Communist regime, forcing the directors to change Mat’s shirt from red to grey color. The cartoon is mainly about lifehacks of a handyman, similar to today’s YouTube tutorials. The main characters are extremely clumsy and awkward, which is making the situations simply hilarious. Their initial names were Patlal and Matlal (Clumsy and Awkward), but they were shortened to adapt to the needs of an international audience. Creators confess that always finding a positive approach to life is one of the key ideas of the show.

Bob a Bobek

Via Bob a Bobek

Bob a (and) Bobek is a cartoon about two white rabbits created by Václav Bedřich and Vladimír Jiránek in 1979.  Rabbits live in the magician’s hat, though you never get to meet the magician himself. Bob is the father and Bobek is the curious child who always gets into funny situations. Both of the characters were used as symbols of the World Hockey Championship in 2015, which was organized by the Czech Republic. 

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