Minister of Interior Jan Hamáček said a gradual relaxation of restrictions starting in the next few weeks is in the cards when appearing on CNN Prima NEWS.

First on the list is to get children back in school, which is happening for the youngest primary students on April 12. Then, Hamáček says “there should be a relaxation in the gardens, shops and sports. A number of activities will gradually start to be allowed.” 

He also hinted that children’s clothing stores will be open in the foreseeable future, saying “I can’t give the exact date, but a rough estimate is probably at the turn of April and May.”

However, the Czech official says that masks and respirators will probably stay with us for a long time. According to him, mandatory respirators have been one of the major factors contributing to the recent decline in COVID-19 cases. He says that “the protection of the wearer is significantly higher” when wearing them. 

Hamáček says he will not be asking for an extension of the state of emergency that is scheduled to end on April 11th. Besides some minor things, this most notably means the end of the restriction on movement between provinces.

“Based on what the situation looks like today, I’d say that we will no longer be asking to extend the state of emergency, and the measures will be announced according to pandemic laws.”

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Alex Richardson

Alex Richardson

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