Over 40 best Czech performers of different genres and generations, musicians, actors and dancers will gather on the stages of the National Theatre to support the Czech cultural scene through lockdown with the show Národ sobě – kultura tobě.

Since the long-awaited public events are on hold due to the enforced restrictions, the concert will be broadcast live on České Televize (ČT) and ČT Art on February 27, 20:10 Prague time.

The concert is the largest event of its kind in the history of the Czech Republic. A variety of genres paired with an extended list of performers is a unique cultural phenomenon. It will bring joy to people familiar with the Czech musical scene, and will entertain those who are looking forward to becoming acquainted with it.

Pop and RnB star Ben Cristovao, who will represent the Czech Republic on Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, will perform with Karel Komenda – a progressive rock singer, the finalist of Czech-Slovak Superstar 2013.

A famous rock band of the 90s, Lucie, will perform with the National Theatre’s orchestra. Among others who will be accompanied by the orchestra are the pop-rock band Chinaski and D.Y.K., the band of the famous Czech actor Vojtech Dyk, whose vocals are coloured by mellow timbre with dramatic nuances.

Talented and gentle beauty, Never Sol, who records her East-European indie melancholic tracks using just analogue synthesizer, will share the stage with Michal Prokop, the old guard of the Czech blues and rock scene.

Various DJs will also participate. Floex is a Czech clarinetist, DJ and multimedia artist, whose stage assistant, robot Josef, plays the drums. Their tracks make you feel like travelling through the galaxy on a spaceship. DJ Roxtar, who is now back to the turntables after rehab, is using a plush baby dolphin to help him recover from drug addiction. The concert is going to be his epic return.

Watching the most unexpected collaborations of popular artists from the past few decades is a pleasurable way to spend a Saturday evening during the lockdown.

Featured photo via part of the program by Národ sobě – kultura tobě.