Merkádo knocked on the door of Prague’s heat wave with its colorful and refreshing program, bringing people together to celebrate the summertime. The 9th edition of the festival will run at the Jiřího z Poděbrad on June 23-24, 2022. 

Two days of joy, filled with emotions and unforgettable memories, sign me in! 

Merkádo—what’s that? 

Let’s enhance our Spanish vocab by defining the unknown notion of merkádo for people out there. We are breaking the ice as the word’s correct spelling would be mercado, not merkádo (we assume Czechs did some magic with words and meaning, as always). So, what’s mercado, anyways? 

In all languages and slang, mercado means “market” or “marketplace.” For instance, if you are in Mexico and go to a farmer’s market to get some goodies and fruties, you would use mercado. Simple and easy, bueno!

Summing up, merkádo is the Czech version of the market, as you might already have guessed. Your game in languages is strong. We can see it! 

A Quick Overview of Merkádo Fest

The event will bring different markets from various Latin American countries together. Similar to a cultural fair, but with the notion of Prague’s gems-restaurants, businesses, artesanía, accessories, fruits, wines, rums, and even sweets. With such a variety, we do not know if we should start with frozen margaritas, fresh mangos, or both simultaneously. Is that the true dilemma of the twenty-first century?

The headliner of this year’s festival is the beauty of the Amazon that we want to save as long as possible, for eternity, if we can say so. ‘This year’s edition is dedicated to the Amazon and saving the rainforest,’ highlighted event organizers. 

The itinerary 

Both days are full of exciting events, suited for everyone, honestly. Thursday celebrations start with an interactive event for children— piñata for kids—say no more. Undoubtedly, adults could also participate, but give the kiddos a chance, and we know you want to do it as much as they do! 

Later in the evening, visitors could perceive the true beauty of Latino culture. In particular, the samba carnival show and tango show. Experience the costumes and vibe of authenticity. Imagine that you are at the famous festival in Rio de Janeiro, with less heat and more passion! 

On Friday, you can participate in a salsa workshop at no cost. Bring your partner and try out the passionate dance. Be quick, and we bet plenty of people are willing and willing to do the same! According to the schedule, it starts at 16.30, right after happy hour. 

You can learn more about the precise timeline of the event on their official Facebook page. Follow this link for more details! 

Tell me the location!

Merkádo is free; you only have to pay for drinks and snacks. It ain’t a five-star hotel, remember? There are free goodies, of course – a cultural program, for instance. 

The event will take place at Jiřího z Poděbrad, right in the heart of Prague 3. The easiest way to get here is by tram (11, 13) or metro (A/green line). We’ll see you there!

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