Le Petit Chef, Now at the Hilton Prague

Now at the Hilton Prague, you can go on a gastronomic adventure with Le Petit Chef. With the help of innovative technology, Le Petit Chef is an immersive experience that turns your plate into the surface on which a projected cartoonish chef prepares your meal.

He is only 58mm tall, but Le Petit Chef will cook a full-sized meal for you and your group right in front of your eyes. Watch in amazement as Le Petit Chef grills a steak ten times his size or uses his tiny saw to cut down broccoli for your meal!


On your visit to Le Petit Chef, there are three meal options: Le Petit Chef Classic, Le Grand Chef, and Le Petit Chef Vegetarian. The four-course meal is a two-hour spectacle, and with each course you will watch as Le Petit Chef prepares it. For those dedicated to the full experience, you can book a Special Offer that combines a Le Petit Chef meal for two with a two-day stay at the Hilton Prague. The menus range from a price of 2,190 – 2,960 CZK (approximately 80 – 108 €), and the Special Offer starts at the price of 6,830 CZK. Tailored for tables of four or eight persons, Le Petit Chef is an excellent experience for any family with children over the age of six.

Le Petit Chef was created by Skullmapping, an artist collective from Belgium, run by Filip Sterckx and Anton Verbeeck. They use cutting-edge 3D projection mapping technology to create a world for Le Petit Chef right on your dinner table. After their video of Le Petit Chef went viral, they decided to create a full experience that takes the participant on a culinary journey. Installed in over 50 restaurants worldwide, Le Petit Chef has delighted crowds all over the world, including famous guests such as Hugh Jackman. Now, you can experience Le Petit Chef here in Prague.

Le Petit Chef is definitely something to look forward to post-lockdown! Enjoy the incredible, one-of-a-kind experience once the measures ease up and stay safe!

Watch Le Petit Chef in action here:

Via Le Perit Chef

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