Karlín Coffee Festival offers the one and only remedy for coffee addicts: an event full of caffeine and warm memories.

The festival starts on a lazy Sunday (September 18, 2022) and will last till the last roast of the coffee. Undoubtedly, the coffee smell will be your wake-up call this day! 

What is the Karlín Coffee Festival? 

Karlín Coffee Festival is a place that unites people with one vulnerability—the love for coffee. At the festival, you can smell not love but coffee in the air as multiple venues and gurus will gather together in  Karlínské náměstí to show off their best coffee-infused drinks. 

Hot cappuccinos and lattes will have a battle with cold brews and iced americanos. Both versions will be made from freshly roasted beans from all over the world, whether we talk about Brazil, Guatemala, or perhaps Peru. To be honest, the variety of different tastes attracts our noses and mouths already. We cannot imagine the upcoming tension during the fest! 

On top of that, visitors can enjoy the food options offered at the festival. You choose your fighter yourself: munchies, chocolate and coffee cakes, or mini-lunches. It should give you enough energy to keep up with your caffeine intake. No overdoses here, only heavy consumption. 

Karlín Coffee Festival program

Except for the delicious coffee accompanied by a mouthful of finger food and snacks, there will be a special program you can enjoy in the background. Like white noise but unique in its own way.

For instance, The Brownies, a foodie group, will perform at noon, featuring their warming songs. DJ Hlava will cheer the crowd up in the other half of the day with energetic music and autumn-inspired vibes. We promise, no sad music here. 

The secret gem of the festival is, of course, the coffee workshops. They will be available for anyone—it does not matter if you are five or twenty-five or if you are fifty and feel like twenty. 

Everyone is welcome. Who needs age barriers here? In the end, we all have a coffee addiction. 

Getting to the Coffee Fest

The location of the festival is super convenient for users of public transport. For instance, the tram stop (trams 3, 8, 24, and 25) Karlínské náměstí is located just in front of the event. So, if you are feeling goofy and lazy, this is a perfect choice! 

Of course, a metro is nearby (just five minutes away). It is the legendary Křižíkova Station (metro B/yellow line), surrounded by the most authentic coffee shops in this town.

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