Smart decisions happen early. How many mid-career professionals look back and wonder if MAYBE they should have taken a different career path? If you’re not thoughtful and have an eye on the big picture, you can easily find yourself in a career that doesn’t provide financially or give you the opportunity for personal and professional growth (hello all my fellow broadcast journalism majors!) For young professionals looking at the bigger picture and wanting more, Green Fox Academy’s junior developer program makes a lot of sense. Begun in 2015 in Hungary, Green Fox’s founders created an intensive four month junior developer course whose now 440+ graduates have gone onto successful careers in IT. But, their course isn’t geared for people half-heartedlyRead more.

The average Czech salary has climbed to more than 30,000 crowns per month for the very first time, according to new Q4 2017 data recently released by the Czech statistical office. Average monthly earnings in the Czech Republic exceeded expectations and rose nearly 8% year-on-year to 31,646 crowns per month, an increase of 2,337 crowns over the same period in 2016. During the same period, prices of consumer goods only rose 1.8%. “The growth in earnings was driven by rising labor demand as well as strong economic growth,” said Dalibor Holý, Director of the Labor Market Statistics Department of the Czech Statistical Office, in a press release. Unemployment in the Czech Republic is also currently at a record low. Expectedly,Read more.