Czechs are loyal fans of ice hockey.

Most of the citizens are familiar with many hockey players, but perhaps, the most famous and well-known one is Jaromír Jágr. He succeeded in the Czech local league and the National Hockey League (NHL) throughout his career. 

Jágr’s passion for hockey started pretty early. When he was three years old, he showed considerable interest in skating. In one of his interviews, he admitted that he does 1,000 squats daily from the age of seven. When he turned 15, he already played in the highest level of competition in Czechoslovakia for HC Kladno. Two years later, Jágr became the youngest player in Czechoslovakia’s national team.

Fun fact: 68 is the number he was wearing at the beginning of his career. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing special about it. However, it means a whole world to Jaromír: it is associated with Prague Spring when his grandad sadly died. By wearing it, Jágr commemorates this event and pays tribute to his grandad.

Years of excellent performance on the ice brought the attention of the NHL. Jaromír was the first Czech player noticed by the league and got selected to play for Pittsburgh Penguins. The fall of the iron curtain had a considerable impact on his career: it allowed him to relocate to North America and continue playing ice hockey. At the NHL, Jágr was also one of the youngest players in the league’s history. This was the start of his brilliant career.

Undoubtedly, the competition is exceptionally high at NHL; nevertheless, Jaromír was one of the best players. To give you some stats on his NHL performance: 1,733 games played, 766 goals. Jágr still remains in the top five in every major category.

Later in life, Jaromír started his own brand of peanut butter, which is an unusual choice for an athlete. You can still buy it on eBay or Amazon for the price of 15$, excluding the shipment. Jágr also opened his own ice cream bar.

Jaromír played in various hockey teams, representing different countries. After Pittsburgh Penguins, Jágr was playing for Washington Capitals, New York Rangers, Avangard Omsk, Philadelphia Flyers, Dallas Stars, Boston Bruins, New Jersey Devils, Florida Panthers, Calgary Flames, and HC Kladno. As you might guess, he spent the vast majority of his life overseas in different US states. Eventually though, he returned to his motherland and now playing for his hometown team.

Jaromír was the oldest player on the team for the past years. His colleagues and coaches were up to ten years younger than him. He continues showing exceptional performance and moving forward with his aspirations and skills. Inspired yet? We are guessing there are no limits to this man’s character!

Featured image by s.yume via Flickr/CC BY 2.0

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