International Beer Day is rocking the grounds of Prague 7, welcoming all beer-savvy people to enjoy the summer weather with a cold pint.

The Beer House, the official festival organizer, invites all locals and visitors to the capital to try authentic beers from different parts of the world, including the United States of America.

The event starts within a happy hour, the magic time to escape the world, at 16.00 on Friday, July 5, 2022. 

What is a beer house?

A Beer House is one of the outgoing members of the Vnitroblock community, offering a selection of authentic beers from different nations. They specialize in importing beer from the States, introducing the drinking culture to locals. 

Give a chance to ale, IPA, cider, or a flavored beer–perhaps you will find your new favorite drink there. Who knows? The world is full of wonders and flavors! 

All selected beers are also available in their e-shop and at their local outlet in Prague 7. Get your six-pack for an emergency day here.

International Beer Day: What to Expect?

In the event, there will be a vast selection of beers from around the world. I know this is mind-blowing information we are sharing with you. Who would have expected it? Not us either!

Jokes aside, this is not the first celebration of Beer Day organized by Beer House. Interestingly, this is a tradition followed by the company’s generations, where they gather beer souls together in a row. I mean, everyone loves beer here. It is the spirit of the Czech Republic. 

Our favorite holiday of the year is here again. It has been traditionally celebrated since 2007 on the first Friday in August. You can probably see why they picked Friday, right?’ the event organizers joked

Our little birdie told us there would also be draft beers from the US and the Czech Republic. A waterfall of beer, honestly! 

Getting there 

To get to Beer House, we suggest you take a tram ride to Dělnická (1, 12, 14, or 25). From there, enjoy a quick walk to the Vnitroblock, where the event takes place. 

You can also take the metro (C/red line) to get here. Take a ride to Vltavská and enjoy the undiscovered embankment of Prague 7 on your way to the event. 


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