Ice cream is the best remedy you could ever find for escaping the flaming temperatures that surround the capital of the Czech Republic. This weekend, on June 26, Ice Cream Fest will rock the grounds of the Exhibitions Hall (Výstaviště Praha) with its updated cultural program, full of unforgettable memories and lasting emotions. 

Come and join us at the icy, fruity fest of the week! 

Ice cream fest: juicy details 

This is not the first time the ice cream festival has run the event. In fact, it is the eighth time of the fest, after two long and tiring years of the coronavirus pandemic, where we could not meet and greet each other at social events. That is also one of the reasons why the ice cream festival will be legendary, you know! 

Event organizers have been planning the cultural program for quite some time. I mean, they had lots of time thanks to the COVID and its unexpected waves, along with the spreading pattern. 

Let’s discover the program meticulously, with all the specifics and things you could not have missed! 

Program Guide 

The event starts early, almost with the first rays of sunshine-exactly, at 10.00 in the morning. The entire day would be accompanied by DJ Ufi Daman, modern music mixes and matches guru. In the fest, you’ll find various events suitable for adults and their little kiddos. 

For instance, adults can enjoy the coffee workshop, where they can learn how to make various coffee drinks with the help of different techniques. Feel the vibe of the real baristas there! 

Children, of course, have more enjoyable activities at the festival. For example, they can enjoy a kids’ zone with paintings, boomerangs, bubbles, and even face painting, sponsored by Hamley’s, known for its paradise world for little ones. 

Moreover, they could taste the fluffy cotton candy, a perfect snack for a sweet tooth. Attention, the time slot for the candy experience is limited, and the free options will be available only till 13.00. 

The football zone will also be a part of the fest—we love the activity vibe. Adults and children could try their best and perform as their favorite football players—Messi, Ronaldo, or Neymar. 

You can discover more program specs at the official event webpage – here!


The admission fee for adults is set to be 140Kč. Yet, there are various discounts available. For instance, you can get into the venue for free when you are the partner of OZP, a child (up to 120 cm), the owner of a ZTP/P card, or a senior over 70 years old. For students, the entry is 100Kč. 

You can buy tickets in advance by following this link or purchasing them right at the venue. 

How to get there?

Getting to Výstaviště Praha is super quick and easy! Just take a tram (6, 12, or 17) to Výstaviště, and it will stop right in front of the venue. 

If you are feeling more like a morning or afternoon stroll, you can take metro C (red line) to the Nádraží Holešovice. From there, enjoy a 10-minute walk to the event.

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