During such a turbulent and uncertain time, you can help your neighborhood by supporting the favorite local businesses you hope to visit once regulations are lifted. Not only does it benefit your community and local economy, but you can also find comfort in the things you enjoyed before lockdown.

Storefront or E-Shopping Options

Many businesses provide customers the option to shop online to pick-up in person or get items delivered at home. Since shopping for recreational items is currently banned, look into your local toy stores, bookstores, and boutiques to find where you can grab fun items while staying safe. One example of a bookstore that allows for storefront pick-up is Book Therapy, located in Vinohrady. They are a curated bookstore with international books on lifestyle, the arts, humanities, and more.

Buy Gift Cards

If you do not have any need for new items at the moment, you can still support businesses by purchasing a gift card for later use or even as a gift! Search for them in Czech by using the term “dárková poukázka” to search your favorite store’s website or insert it into Google. Additionally, linked below is a website that provides a vast selection of gift cards and gift vouchers available throughout the Czech Republic. You can select your area and search for what may be of interest to you.

Look for Online Services

Many businesses are rapidly adapting to offer their services online. Activities that used to take place in person, such as a painting or cooking class, may now be available from the comfort of your own home. One example of an art studio now offering a range of programs for people of all ages is Výtvarný Ateliér – Malování a Kreslení, an art studio located in Vinohrady. Similarly, many gyms and yoga studios are providing online courses to help you stay healthy at home. One such studio is Prague Yoga Collective, a yoga studio with locations in Vinohrady and Letná. They offer yoga “classes” on their YouTube Channel or join them on Zoom for free (but be sure to donate) from the information on their website.

Overall, remember that we are going through this together, and all of us want to get through this pandemic, happy, healthy, and safe. Do not forget your local businesses during this time, and hopefully, these tips make it easier to do just that.

Michaela Dehning
Czech-American art history major at Arizona State University who lives in Prague. Passions include history, art, and culture.
Michaela Dehning
Michaela Dehning