The Invisible Exhibition provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people to trust themselves and their senses while viewing everyday life from a different perspective. Nature provides four senses for visitors: touch, hearing, scent, and balance, but not eyesight. Are you up for a challenge?

The exhibition runs throughout December, making it a perfect activity for Christmas. 

Invisible Exhibition: The Idea Behind It

The idea behind the interactive exhibition is truly inspiring: live the life of a blind person for one hour. During this time, the participant will go around the dark room, test their senses of touch and smell, and try some daily activities. 

“It is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world where, in total darkness, you find your way out only by touch, sounds, and scent,” shared the insights of the exhibition organizers.

The installation allows people to understand how vital sight is in daily life and how it must challenge the lives of blind people. It also teaches people what obstacles blind people have to overcome daily and how others take the sense of vision for granted. 

“In a new situation and despite the difficulties, they can experience that the world can still be beautiful without this key sense after losing sight,” concluded exhibition organizers. 

Program Insights

Installation visitors will have a marvelous opportunity to travel through seven differently furnished places and experience them with their senses. The exhibition will also present real-life situations, including crossing the road, choosing what to eat in a restaurant, or paying for a coffee in a café. 

On top of that, visitors will be able to experience the latest technological innovations, including talking clocks, scales, and Braille typewriters. You might never hear of these tech items, yet blind people use them daily to keep up with the pace of life despite their disabilities. 

The exhibition tour runs every 15 minutes and lasts approximately 90 minutes. You will spend at least one hour in the dark room, and the rest will be in the bright and, at the same time, visible space. 

Other invisible activities

The invisible exhibition is only the tip of the iceberg. The corporation also offers other events for those who can speak the Czech language (or understand what is going on). For instance, you can go to Invisible Dinner, where you can taste different cuisines and have an intimate atmosphere with strangers. 

For companies, Invisible Exhibition offers an invisible teambuilding event where you can build trust and interpersonal relationships with your teammates. 


Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased online through the GoOut portal or in person at the venue. The entrance fee for adults is 280 Kč, for students, it is 250 Kč, and for children under the age of seven, it is free of charge. 

The default language of the exhibition is Czech, but you can also choose other languages, including English, Russian, Spanish, or Portuguese. For the tour in a foreign language, you have to pay an extra 50 Kč. 


The Invisible Exhibition is located at Karlovo náměstí, accessible by public transportation (bus, metro, or tram). 

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