This Horror-Themed Bar in Prague is the Stuff of Nightmares

Photo: Facebook / Nightmare Bar Prague

Are you a fan of horror? Have you ever imagined grabbing a drink with some classic-horror movie characters and wondered what it’d be like?


Here’s a kick – now you can. In fact, The Nightmare Horror Bar (located not too far from Karlovo náměstí by foot), has recently opened and gives you the opportunity to grab some horror-themed cocktails while being in a chilling environment.

Not convinced? Take a look at these shots:

Here you can see villains from the all-time horror-classics like Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Cube. While doing your best to chill with friends, you’ll always catch yourself doing some double-takes to make sure that those wax-like figurines haven’t moved. With such low-light settings, you can’t help but to feel a little on edge.

If you’re feeling brave enough, head on down and get a taste of some bloody creative drinks like their Burning Freddy, Spilled Guts Shot, Cenobite’s Puzzle Box, and all kinds of other freakishly unappetizing names which will convince you to actually give it a try.


More info via Nightmare Bar’s official website and Facebook page.