Most areas of Prague have changed in the last decade, and Holešovice is no exception. There, Prague’s life is emerging in different forms and formats. It unites and transforms other areas into something more significant and valuable for every citizen. With the help of creative people, Prague 7 has changed from an industrial zone to a modern style of living. It attracts the younger generation to move in and develop their fantastic (and sometimes crazy) ideas in the prism of the real business world. 

Discover how Holešovice changed over the past few years and what you can do in the area! 

Holešovice: Quick history 

During the past decades, Holešovice was a heavy industrial suburb with significant factories. They were a considerable measure of the GDP and other macroeconomic factors. In 2022, it is a host of cultural and historical attractions such as Veletržní palác, National Technical Museum, the convention center Výstaviště Praha, and the neo-Gothic Church of St. Anthony of Padua. 

New Town Hall Prague 7 / BOD Architekti | ArchDaily

The Guardian named Prague 7 as one of the ten coolest neighborhoods in Europe in 2020. We one hundred percent agree with this rating.

Vnitroblok: where industrial life intersects with art

Even though the industrial part of Holešovice is diminishing at an incredible pace, the area still attracts business-minded people to work or co-work here. It is not a surprise that the notion of coworking is closely related to the high development of cafes that serve high-quality coffee, fantastic brunches, and provide high-speed internet so that users can reach the new highs in their businesses. One of these places is Vnitroblok.


Vnitroblok unites close-minded people, whether related to a hard working day or a romantic coffee date. On top of that, you can find interesting pop-up stores and shops with plenty of fabulous sneakers and streetwear. A perfect place for everyone! 

Culture mode of Holešovice

The National Prague Gallery – Trade Fair Palace outlet is one of the Holešovice gems. You can find different exhibitions every month. However, we love one permanent collection devoted to Czech culture and the impressionism movement. You will find something as magnificent as Paul Cezzane or Picasso among the Czech artists. Enjoy the art gallery!

Trade Fair Palace | National Gallery Prague

After the visit, we highly recommend you swing by the cafe Kollektor (located on the ground floor of the museum complex). The cafe’s atmosphere is full of futuristic furniture, delicious snacks and cakes, and handcrafted beer. In between, you can also see plenty of people who come to co-work or co-study there. 

Feel free to comment on your best place in Prague 7, and we will rediscover it together!

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