Strong winds are wreaking havoc across Europe with widespread damage and disruption throughout the EU and beyond. The storm, going by different names in different regions (Ciara in the UK, Sabine in Czech) is extremely powerful and features variants in its effect. 

Storm Ciara hit Ireland on Saturday night and reached the UK and northern mainland Europe (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany) on Sunday. Accompanied by heavy rain in Ireland and the UK, Ciara has already caused travel disruptions, property damage and power outages with wind gusts greater than 130km/h recorded. Some 123 emergency flood warnings and 159 flood watch alerts were issued in the UK and the winds in Wales were estimated to be 138 km/h at one point.

At least 10 rail companies in Britain sent out “do not travel” alerts, and nearly 20 others told passengers to expect delays due to weather conditions. The same is expected in Czech.

Germany has closed schools in some areas and flights to the UK have been cancelled in advance of Sabine.

Image courtesy of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute is warning residents of the Czech Republic to stay indoors if possible tomorrow with the weather event expected to hit the country at or before  6am on Monday and remaining in effect until approximately 1pm (1300) with the strongest gusts in the morning said to be up to 100km an hour.

Driving may be hazardous and is not advised due to falling debris. The meteorologists believe that the winds will dissipate into the evening but return in the morning on Tuesday. At the time of this writing, they believe the winds will have less strength on Tuesday.

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Stay safe out there, CitySpies.

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