Health Minister Jan Blatný is suggesting an approach to surviving COVID-19 without shutting down the entire economy for years on end. 

In a statement on Wednesday, Blatný conceded that the anti-epidemic measures have ostensibly been pointless since hardly anyone follows them, and proposed allowing people to make their own individual efforts to protect their own health. 

“Blanket measures don’t work if they’re not complied with at an individual level. We think that the solution is a conscious approach by each of us instead of general restrictions… We can set as many strict measures as we want, but if they’re not complied with, then it’s up to all of us to figure out how to be responsible.”

“We’re negotiating with the experts, the opposition, and the Chamber of Deputies on how to achieve stabilization without further restrictive measures. The only way forward is to rely on the fact that people who can make their own decisions, and the right ones.” 

While the head of the Czech Republic’s health department opposes further restrictions, he still admits that the COVID-19 situation is not ideal. The number of cases is still at alarming levels, with growing concern over whether or not the hospitals will become overwhelmed. 

The coronavirus restrictions have caused the largest state deficit in the history of the Czech Republic, decimated countless businesses and industries, and triggered record numbers of obesity, heart problems, depression, alcoholism, and domestic abuse. Therefore, one might call Health Minister Blatný brave for admitting they never worked in the first place. 

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Alex Richardson

Alex Richardson

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Alex Richardson