As we all know, Guinness records are devoted to the amusing and unbelievable accomplishments that some individuals can do. The Czech Republic is not an exception to this rule! Discover breathtaking and entertaining Guinness records which happened in Czechia! 

The most extensive collection of bus tickets

Ladislav Šejnoha set one of the weirdest and fascinating records. In 2008, he managed to display the largest collection of bus tickets only.

Fotogalerie: Sedmatřicetiletý Ladislav Šejnoha z Lanškrouna založil svou  sbírku autobusových...

There were 200,000 tickers from over 36 countries around the world! Each of the tickets was unique somehow; there were not identical tickets, the details were highly meticulous. 

Most handcuffs escape within 24 hours.

This criminal record is fascinating, indeed! On the 13th of February 2010, Zdeněk Bradáč ran away 10,625 times in one day at Liberec Film Club. In other words, he managed to make 442 escapes per hour! Unfortunately, he was caught in the end, but he tried to do the best to disappear. 

Eskapolog Zdeněk Bradáč.
Foto Deník/ Martin Bergman

Bradáč is also famous for other records such as the fastest time to escape from three handcuffs underwater (39 seconds), the quickest escape from handcuffs (1.66 seconds!), and the fastest props to arrange a deck of playing cards (36.16 seconds). All these events took place in the United Kingdom. 

The largest wardrobe

Everyone loves shopping, so does Jan Bilý. With the help of his company, Art-Style, he created the world’s most enormous wardrobe: 6.06 meters in height, more than four meters in width, and 1.5 meters in depth. 

File:Nejvyšší skříň světa.jpg
Ing. Jan Bily, ART-STYLE

To create such a masterpiece, five cubic meters of pinewood were used for production purposes. Luckily, it could be transformed into ten pieces for transportation since it is pretty heavy as well – around 2,000 kilograms. 

The highest fall without a parachute

This record which could have worth life, is devoted to Vesna Vulović. In 1976, Vesna survived a fall from more than 10,000 meters while working as a Yugoslavenski Aerotransport hostess. Srbská Kamenice is the place of the crush; she was only 26 years old and the only survivor of this catastrophe.

Vesna Vulović.jpg

In fact, she was in a coma for 27 days and stayed in the hospital for 1.4 years. Undoubtedly, it was an accident but the most impressive one, for sure!

Farthest javelin throw (male)

Actually, the Czechs are a sporty nation, and they proved it in reality. In 1996, Jan Zelezný threw javelin as far as 98.48 meters. This action was made in Jena, Germany, and professionals captured it. Follow this link to see the outstanding performance! 

The first TV sci-fi aired

In 1938, the adaptation of R.U.R., Karel Čapek’s play, was aired for the first time. Also, it was the first time when someone mentioned the word ‘robot’ created by the writer as well back in 1921.

Bedřich Feuerstein – návrh scény (RUR třetí dějství)
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