Czech content creators and publishers are signing contracts with Google to have their material featured in the Google News Showcase. 

First reported on by, the San Fransisco-based tech overlords announced on their European Twitter account that they had signed deals with “The UK, Germany, Czechia, and elsewhere.”

Google News is an application within the Google platform that pays media publications for the right to feature their stories. This isn’t yet available in the Czech Republic, and most Czechs just use the homepage at as their own version of Google News.

According to’s sources, Czech publishers have already signed contracts with Google to get their content featured. 

“We are already negotiating with publishers in the Czech Republic. Some negotiations are ongoing and some of the contracts have already been signed,” a spokeswoman for Czech Google Alžběta Houzarová said. 

Since contracts with Google are usually bound by nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), it’s nearly impossible to figure out which Czech publishers have already signed agreements until they actually get published.

Google’s move into Czech territory has some warning publishers not to get abused by the Alphabet subsidiary; Václav Mach of Unie vydavatelů (Publishers’ Union), told iRozhlas that he was advising the union’s members to look out for certain provisions in Google’s contracts.

“The Publishers Union encourages its members to avoid adopting unilaterally unfavorable provisions that force them to waive their rights in contractual negotiations for licensing content for the Google News Showcase, which could also prevent them from exercising their copyrights under adopted Czech legislation in the future.”

Alex Richardson

Alex Richardson

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Alex is a writer and trader living in Prague. He likes economics, anthropology, and cactuses.
Alex Richardson