The design market is slamming into the summer by introducing a brand new approach to the fashion industry at Výstaviště. The event aims to run on May 21-22, almost non-stop, from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM, welcoming all four-legged pals and their devoted friends – humans. 

The perfect place to meet for brunch and discover the fashion and design industry trends absolutely for free! 

What is the design market? 

For the newbies, a design market is a unique event, gathering artists and masters of their crafts together under one roof once a season, metaphorically speaking. In fact, it is considered to be one of the most significant designer events in the entire Czech Republic. 

Since it runs only by season, the next time, you might see such a splash of authentic works and aesthetic crafts only in autumn! So, make sure to swing by and support the local economy and boost business performance. 

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In the design market, there is plenty of fish, for sure! Various booths of accessories, jewelry, handbags, porcelain, decorations, and fashion await you. Let’s dig deeper into designers and see what you can expect there. 

Zooming in on the design market

Summer is the time for adventures, travel, and unforgettable memories, right? The design market is prepared for such a mindset! Moreover, they welcomed a couple of stores that could make the travel dream a living reality. 

Medence Csosport is one of the leaders in the backpack industry throughout Hungary, a neighboring country full of cultural experiences. The company has been on the market for a while, since 2006, to be more precise. Yet, it was the first time they had gone to the Czech Republic, and the design market seemed like a great opportunity. We could not agree more!

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They developed a technology that is the ultimate must-have for traveling souls and people obsessed with hiking and outdoor activities through the years. Which accessory would you take on a hiking trip with you—a backpack, a fanny pack, or both options? This is totally up to you and your convenience, as Csosport has it all.   

Another small business inspired by the theme of summer is Avomeri linen. The designer comes originally from Belarus, a country known for its crazy-daisy passion for potatoes and creating soft and convenient fabrics. We guess you can not forget the genes as the dresses from Avomeri linen are genuinely magical for summer nights.

Made from linen, the outfit keeps you cool in the flaming and, at the same time, challenging to live in Sahara temperatures and cozy in the late evening while you enjoy the stars. 

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On top of that, you can find various fabrics for home purposes there. Perhaps you were looking for cute towels in the kitchen or a new cushion in the living room. The designs are minimalistic so that they will suit any interior. No matter if you prefer the Scandinavian style or vintage and glittery approach to home design. 

Brunch time

A great way to start your adventures in the design market is with a fulfilling brunch. Thank God the event is on the weekend, and we can enjoy the presented meals to the fullest. When you arrive at the market, the first essential thing is to go to Prosecco Kolo (no, we are not sponsoring alcoholism-rather mimosas, full of vitamin C and good vibes only). 

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As for the brunch options, you have plenty of cafés, starting from coffee shops and local bakeries, with traditional sweet and salty Czech delicacies. For instance, you can try buchtas, a sort of cake filled with fruity seasonal jams such as strawberries and peaches. They could be found at Pekárna Nostress Bakery!

For salty lovers, you have the option of ordering classy falafels and pitas at Muj Falafel. The café is inspired by Israeli culture and cuisine. You can find other traditional snacks there (for instance, Jerusalem salad).

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If you feel more like exotic yet salty food, La Tortilla could offer you various (guess, what?) tortillas with different feelings—depending on whether you are a true meat-lover or more of a veggie pal. 

Enjoy the event and find the hottest looks for summertime!

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