Galerie Roudnice is not your average gallery in the Czech Republic. It is a synergy of culture and modern art that shows visitors a new perspective on daily things. The gallery combines itself as a public institution, an art museum featuring a collection of unique art objects, and creative space for artistic activities and cultural events. 

Discover what is hidden behind Galerie Roudnice and why you should put it on the ‘must-visit’ list! 

Gallery Roudnice: What is it all about? 

Gallery Roudnice is a space uniting creative individuals who seek to learn more about Czech culture and modern art simultaneously. In other words, the gallery is one place in the Czech Republic where artists express themselves with the help of culture, folklore, and traditions. 

That’s a pretty unusual approach to showing art to the general public, especially for the younger generation, who seem to be interested in video games and social media rather than cultural activities and history. 

Located in the Baroque building, the art gallery preserves many past secrets. In the past life, the gallery was a rascal girl—precisely, the space was a chateau riding school. It was reconstructed in 1965, and since then, it has been a creative place for exhibitions.

Exhibition thematic

As with any gallery worldwide, there are two types of installations: permanent and temporary. Permanent exhibitions mainly focus on the development of Czech art from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. In this type of installation, you can find some Czech-worthy artists, such as Antonín Slavíček, Antonín Procházka, Adriena Šimotová, and Mikuláš Medek, among other creative gurus. 

The permanent installation reflects the gallery’s soul and vibe. “It tries to capture the diversity of the art produced during the 20th century. It shows the main trends in Czech art without losing its anchorage in the area of Podřipsko,” said representatives of Galerie Roudnice. 

You can learn more about the concept of the permanent exhibition and its headliners here

Modern installations: the spirit of the gallery 

Undoubtedly, contemporary art drastically varies from traditional art. The gallery hosts incredible events and activities in the modern art section, including thematic and monographic exhibitions, professional presentations held by Czech artists, and experimental projects. 

A unique touch accompanies all modern installations. Visitors can enjoy thematic activities, guided tours, lectures, and workshops. The hidden gem of this gallery is concerts, theater performances, and other events that visitors can experience, along with contemporary art installations. 

You can learn more about temporary exhibitions and their events right here!

Folklore is not dead: exhibition insights

The current exhibition running in Galerie Roudnice is called Folklore is not dead. We must agree that the installation’s name is provocative as it aims to attract plenty of visitors of all ages. 

“Our return to tradition is gradual, the rediscovery of its meaning often distorted by an innate aversion to artificial living conflict and a reflection of the natural conflict between tradition and modernity, folk and art,” said art curators.

Learning about Czech culture through the medium of modern art is a new concept out there. Let’s give it a try. Perhaps there is something magnificent hidden behind it.

“Today, folklore often appears as an exotic marketing strategy for business partners from foreign countries; it is often parodied, ridiculed, and abused. On the other hand, in these hasty times, we are beginning to see traditional folk culture again as a newfound home, a source of knowledge of our own identity,” concluded art gallery representatives.

In the collective exhibition, visitors can enjoy the contemporary vision of folklore from the perspective of Czech and Slovak artists. Most artists come from the younger generation, allowing visitors to perceive their cultural concepts and their importance in today’s world.  

Enjoy a multi-layered game through paintings, sculptures, and video and sound performances. 

Admission tickets

The entrance fee to the gallery is more than affordable. It costs like a cup of good coffee in Prague. So why not indulge in Czech art? 

For adults, the ticket would cost 100 Kč. An additional discount is available for children, students, the elderly, and special-needs groups. The ticket would cost 50 Kč for this category. 

Every Friday, Gallery Roudnice has a deal: no entry fee!

Getting to Gallery Roudnice

The Gallery of Modern Art in Roudnice is located in Roudnice nad Labem. The easiest way to get here is by car or train. 

The train leaves from Prague Main Station, which takes roughly one hour. By car, it takes fifty minutes. As you can see, the difference is not drastic, so it is up to you to choose which means of transport to use.

Bon voyage!

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