Well folks, it’s that wonderful time of year again when the birds are chirping, the sun is finally out and skies are more than not – blue. If all these components line up, it’s time to head out to the river and get on a small paddle or row boat. Is it for real? You bet. Bring some beer, snacks, and a friend or two and you’re set for a perfect day. Take in the sights from the Vltava and you can paddle or row your way under bridges and see Prague from a different perspective. That sounds expensive. But it’s really not. For 200 CZK you can rent the boat for an hour (although in my experience they neverRead more.

This new interactive Google Map put together by Magic Bohemia shows the locations of more than 100 spectres around the Czech capital Have you heard of the Headless Horseman of Liliova Street? How about Perun, a pagan spirit that haunts Charles Bridge and is said to drown swimmers underneath? Or Dalibor, a violinist who was tortured at Prague Castle in what is now known as Daliborka Tower. Legend says you can still hear him playing the violin if you’re nearby. You can learn more about these ghosts – and over 100 more – at a new Google Map created by Baba Studio, a company that organizes magic tours of Prague and produces decks of Prague-based Tarot cards. Their Ghosts andRead more.