Most of us love a good mystery. We read crime novels and true-crime stories, we watch crime shows, and we watch mystery-themed movies. It’s a big business, and mystery has extended to another aspect of our free time, in the form of escape rooms. Escape rooms involve a group of adults being shut into a room, where several clues are available that, when put together in the right way, will show the “prisoners” how to get out of the room. These games are very popular for company teambuilding activities, since they put coworkers and managers together in an entirely new way. Prague has jumped on the escape room bandwagon in a big way; here are some of the rooms youRead more.

In 2015, Prague’s Krymská street was something of a surprise pick in the New York Times’ list of their 12 favorite streets in Europe. If you haven’t yet heard or experienced it for yourself, Krymská used to be the street that united all unique, intellectual and trendy individuals (aka your neighborhood friendly hipsters) in one place. It used to be the go-to street to scout out new underground music and get a drink at any of the non-stop bars. Krymská street is located in the district of Vršovice, where many new young creative folks, young entrepreneurs and activists reside. This in turn has added some zest and spiced up the neighborhood. Bars and nightlife tried to keep up and toRead more.

It’s strawberry season in Prague, and the Czech Ministry of Agriculture has put together a handy list of where you can pick your own at farms across the Czech Republic. Why pick your own strawberries in Prague? They’re fresher than what you’d get at a local market, even a farmers’ market, and hand-selected so you know exactly what you’re getting. And cheaper: the cost per kilogram at most farms is less than half of what you’d pay for store-bought strawberries in a Prague supermarket. Spending some time at a strawberry farm on a nice spring day can also be a lot of fun – especially if you have some young children in tow. Strawberry season in the Czech Republic typicallyRead more.